Stagecraft Industries, Inc.

Stagecraft Industries, Inc.

TIA Portal Application Awards - 2012

Labor cost, wiring reduction and efficient integration was the strategy for installation and maintenance purposes.

Ultimately, Stagecraft sought to demonstrate within their industry, the leading innovations in Safety automation technology


Apex Line Control System for the NAB Show 2012, Las Vegas, NV; total attendance 92,000,

27% international attendees.




Dynamic motorized lighting grid system, with configurable presets, which raises and lowers the overhead lighting grid, for maintenance and varying performance settings. As the system resides overhead, the need for Safety control of the equipment is paramount. This system would typically be found in television studios or sound stages.


Key Business Activities:


OEM and specialty subcontractor serving the worldwide entertainment industries; included

in this is custom rigging and automation for TV studios, theaters and corporate spaces.


Chosen products for this project:

To showcase the latest in automation innovations, Stagecraft featured the SIMATIC ET200S(F) CPU, Mobile Panel 277(F) iWLAN HMI, SINAMICS G120 with CU240S PN-F, SCALANCE W 784 Access Point and 740 Client Modules. The core products in this architecture all encompass PROFINET and Siemens Safety-Integrated technology.

The integrated nature of the environment made programming and configuration of the system much faster than with other software platforms.

Combining the network and hardware editors into a common interface is much more efficient than using multiple programs. TIA Portal integrates Safety control in a fully comprehensive method; in that it automatically presents the tools for a fully functional safety program. This is much more intuitive and automatic than other software methods of Safety programming.

Customer benefits

By standardizing on the most innovative Siemens automation and drive components, Stagecraft is now viewed as a complete systems integrator, capable of providing turnkey solutions to industry leaders.

Actual engineering time has been reduced by approximately 60% using TIA Portal versus other standalone software packages. TIA Portal has allowed us to quickly deliver complex projects to our most demanding customers.

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