Smart UX design in machine building increases profitability, thanks to user-centricity

Smart UX design pays for itself

Increased profitability, thanks to user-centricity in machine building
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User-centric design

Why investing in UX design pays for itself

A user interface’s design isn’t a visual gimmick. A user-oriented design in machine building is an effective tool for prevailing over ever-fiercer competition based on unique selling points.

Five practical examples of how smart UX design can increase profitability

Based on five sample cases, we’ll demonstrate how improvements to UX design can pay off and be turned into convincing arguments for your Sales and Marketing staff. You’ll find details in the free report, “Smart UX design pays for itself.” When calculating the overall return on investments, we work with key performance indicators like a machine’s added value per hour, the number of shifts, and work hours.


Best of all, our tool enables you to reproduce these sample calculations based on your own figures.

Sample calculator

Our calculation, your calculation

Here are some sample calculations based on typical figures taken from our industrial project experience. A bonus: You can use them to perform your own cost-benefit analyses. Start calculating with us!
UX design pays for itself

Take the next step

The path to user-centricity in machine building starts with an investment that pays for itself. Your HMI is your calling-card as a machine builder that not only supports your marketing staff but also your development, support, and sales colleagues.

An investment in smart UX design pays for itself quickly

Our five examples show how user-centric visualization in machine building can pay for itself.


Unique selling points are becoming increasingly important, especially in the global competition with new providers, making the interface between your customers and your machines more important than ever.

Your successful introduction to smart UX design

In order to get you started as quickly as possible, we provide your engineers and developers with the appropriate tools. Below you’ll find information on the HMI Design Master Class and the free HMI Design Workbook. Share these links with your colleagues!

HMI design in machine building: Our UX Expert Oliver Gerstheimer explains what makes a great HMI design and how you and your users can benefit – right at your own computer and completely free of charge with our HMI Design Master Class.

HMI Design Masterclass

In the HMI Design Master Class, you’ll learn what makes great UX design

Learn HMI design: The HMI Design Workbook guides you step by step to the optimal HMI.

HMI Design Workbook

The HMI Design Workbook guides you step by step to the optimal UX design


Practical examples of UX design in machine building

Find out how our customers are already benefiting from smart, user-focused HMI design – and be inspired by their example.

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