HMI Design Workbook

Faster development, higher quality and a user interface that inspires your customers. The exclusive HMI Design Workbook guides you step by step to the optimal HMI.
HMI Design is not an art, but a craft

With the HMI Design Workbook to the user interface that inspires your customers

Do you want to develop a user interface for your machine that is easy and intuitive to use, but you have no experience in user interface design or the creation of an HMI that is user-oriented and not based on the functions of the machine?


Benefit from the know-how of the world market leader in the field of Human Machine Interface and the experience of the user interface experts of chilli mind, who have implemented many HMI projects in the past years.


The secret of a good HMI interface is the approach to the development of the user interface.

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What the HMI Design Workbook offers you

  • Seven tried and tested steps to optimal HMI design
  • 42 tips that you can implement immediately in your next project
  • Compact and clearly presented expert knowledge

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To create a good HMI design, you need to know some basic things. Based on this knowledge you can create an HMI that meets the user's expectations and is easy to use.

Bring the expert knowledge for HMI design into your company.

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Contents of the HMI Design Workbook

Oliver Gerstheimer

Oliver has been an expert in "human centered design" and better "digital products and services for tomorrow" for over 20 years. In 2001 he founded chilli mind GmbH – a think tank for digital innovation, new business strategies, UX/UI design, and complex information architectures. He is a regular speaker and publicist on international innovation and design stages and was a 15-semester lecturer at German and Swiss design colleges. He studied product design, graphic design and innovation management with the result that he is an extreme lover of the number 42.

Sebastian Frei

Sebastian is a user-experience-specialist and concepter at chilli mind and has received these badges among others: Master Artium of Comparative Literature, grade average of 1.0 at the LMU Munich, 1 year Texas, 2 years Tokyo, English and Japanese, trilingual through the day, 4,000 hours of design thinking, hitch-hiking through eight industries, haute couture content designer, user journey travel guide, customer experience lobbyist, always on the ball, curious multipotentialist, lover of steep learning curves, weekday vegan and sushi connoisseur.pdicas

Felix Kranert

Felix has been working for Siemens AG in the field of industrial automation for ten years. Always working in the context of the interaction between man and machine, he accompanied and managed various projects in this area during his time as an in-house consultant at Siemens. Convinced of the added value that good HMI design offers in an industrial environment, he drives this topic in his function as Marketing Manager for SIMATIC HMI products and advocates a "human-oriented design" of user interfaces in the production halls of the world.

HMI Design Workbook

The core literature on HMI Design

The HMI Design Workbook provides you with compressed expert knowledge. Step by step, you will get to know the best methods and tools to create an HMI that is modern and inspiring for your customers. The experts of chilli mind and Siemens have applied the described methods as documented in the book in many HMI design projects. Many of the contents have never been published before.