Software Registration and Authorization

Availability and support of FactoryLink

As of December 2012, Siemens implemented its plan for general availability and support of FactoryLink to mature. We recognize some customers like yourself are not ready to migrate to the Siemens flagship HMI/SCADA product WinCC and will continue to need to have access to installation media, patches, knowledgebase, and to authorize their software. 
Therefore, Annual FactoryLink Extended Services agreements are available for purchase. For FactoryLink support or to authorize your FactoryLink software, you will need to purchase an extended services agreement.


To authorize your FactoryLink software or for FactoryLink support, please send an email to:



Make sure to include:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • FactoryLink serial number
  • Registration code (For authorizations only)

Siemens has spent considerable time and effort to ensure that our customers can transition to state-of-the art HMI/SCADA technology with the lowest cost and risk via automated migration technology developed by the former FactoryLink development team.


If you would like to inquire about migrating to the Siemens flagship HMI/SCADA product WinCC or if you have specialized requirements for extended support past December 2012 - please send an e-mail to:


Please be sure to include your name, company, phone, FactoryLink serial number and specifics of your request.



Siemens offers 2 different migration services

BASE Migration service: Migration service that converts key components of a FactoryLink application such as the tag database, drawings, I/O, tag logging, scripting, etc. into a WinCC project. Some manual work is usually required to complete migrating the application into a fully functioning WinCC project. How much effort is dependent on the amount of customization used in the original application. This will typically be less than 20% of the effort needed to re-construct project from the beginning. The manual work to complete the migration would be done by the customer of the customers systems integrator.


FULL Migration service: Full migration service provides the customer with a fully functional WinCC project. This work would be done by the HMI CoC group in Plano, TX and once completed, it would be tested the best we can in our office and then it would require onsite testing and acceptance. The onsite testing and acceptance can be done by the HMI CoC or the customers systems integrator.


We offer to Factorylink customers who have extended services contracts an analysis service where we will review the FactoryLink application and provide a report that details the key features of the application, what features can be migrated automatically, and what features will need to be migrated manually. The analysis will also include an estimate what we believe the manual effort will be to complete migrating the application. Custormers who do not wish to purchase an extended service contract, must agree to pay for the analysis service. The charge for the analysis service is $995USD.


If you currently have an extended services contract and would like an analysis, email a save or zip of the application if the zip is < 10 meg to hmicoc.us@siemens.com


Be sure to include your FactoryLink serial number. If the application is too large to email, or you prefer more security than email, please send us a request by email, and we'll send you a temporary login to Siemens' Secure File Transfer server where you can upload the file securely to us.


Based upon the analysis done against the FactoryLink application, we could provide a quote for either a BASE Migration or a FULL Migration.