The Getting Started guideline for the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System provides you with useful information, downloads and training opportunities

Getting Started

SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

About this guideline

Welcome to our Getting Started guideline for the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System. On this page you will find all the information you need for a smooth start. We have compiled general information as well as information on restrictions and free downloads for you.
Chapter 1

General information and restrictions

Software is never really finished; it is continuously being developed further. The same is true for the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System. For more information, see the notes below.

SIMATIC WinCC Unified V17 is available now

You can order the software now. Please note that the firmware update for the Unified Comfort Panels is not included in the scope of delivery and must be downloaded separately. See the delivery release for detailed information on the new version.


Read the delivery release

Useful information during runtime

In some rare cases, the simulation on the Unified Comfort Panel may behave differently than the simulation during runtime. The affected functionalities are listed here.


Download the ReadMe file

News regarding user administration

Unlike in WinCC Unified V16, the default user "UMCAdmin" is no longer created in the new version. This means you must create a user in the TIA Portal project and assign a user role to log in to the WinCC Unified Runtime. Note that the user administration is overwritten when downloading the project.

The image for updating the firmware of Unified Comfort Panels is not included in the package of WinCC Unified V17. You can download and install the images from the following link.


Download Image file

Chapter 2

Installation and updates

We recommend that you always use the most recent version of our TIA Portal engineering framework. Make sure you have installed the most recent update on your engineering station. To do so, use the Automation Software Updater or download the most recent update from the Industry Online Support website.

Check compatibility

Use the compatibility tool to check which WinCC Unified version is compatible with your system.

Chapter 3

Switching to WinCC Unified

In this section you will find useful notes and information that make it easier for you to switch to SIMATIC WinCC Unified.

Switching to the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

Continue to use your project contents when switching over to SIMATIC WinCC Unified and save time during engineering with the "Data2Unified" add-in. With the help of the documentation, you will learn more about the differences between the Comfort Panel and the newly developed Unified Comfort Panels. You will also learn how you can implement the major elements (such as pop-ups and slide-ins) in WinCC Unified.

Chapter 4

General downloads

This section includes more information that will make switching from your current visualization systems to the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System as easy as possible.

SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

In this manual you will learn about the most important functions and system properties of the WinCC Unified System. This information will be helpful when you implement your first project with SIMATIC WinCC Unified.


Download the manual

SIMATC WinCC Unified View of Things

With this application example you receive the documentation and an associated sample project.

All project engineering steps and settings are described and help you to start quickly and safely.


Download application example

Demo projects for SIMATIC WinCC Unified

Download the latest demo projects made available for SIMATIC WinCC Unified and SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels.


Download demo projects

Toolbox for SIMATC WinCC Unified

Small tools that make your work much easier. The useful tools can be easily integrated into your HMI project via the global library.


Switch to the toolbox

HMI design with the HMI Template Suite

The HMI Template Suite for WinCC Unified is the perfect basis for your first project. Prepared screen templates and a wizard for creating the project tree are waiting for you.


Download HMI Template Suite

Industrial Edge applications in conjunction with the SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panel

In this application example you will learn how to develop and use Industrial Edge apps for your SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panel.


Download application example

Chapter 5

Training and support

To take full advantage of the potential offered by SIMATIC WinCC Unified, we are offering matching training sessions, detailed documentation and the exchange of information with other users.

Everything you need to know about SIMATIC WinCC Unified

Here you will find an in-depth overview of the most important documents, manuals and links to the topic of SIMATIC WinCC Unified in the Siemens Industry Online Support.