Implement simple web visualization quickly

Simple configuration, integrated tools and full integration into your S7 controller: with WinCC Unified View of Things, you can now also use the controller for visualization.

Web visualization with WinCC Unified View of Things

The View of Things function enables you to operate and monitor relevant control parameters directly via the web server of your S7-1500 controller. Find out how easily you can integrate a web visualization of your PLC into your automation concepts.

It's that easy to configure your web visualization

For engineering, you use the common editors available within the TIA Portal. The demo video shows how easy it is to create a web visualization with WinCC Unified View of Things.


To quickly and safely start your first View of Things project, you can download here the application example with the documentation of all project steps and settings.


Download application example

Possible applications

What a simple web visualization with WinCC Unified View of Things is suitable for

We offer you an overview of use cases and possible uses of web-based visualization with View of Things.

The possible applications of View of Things at a glance

Graphical representation of WinCC Unified View of Things usage as needed

Use based on demand

If there is no need for continuous operator control and monitoring and the web visualization is only used occasionally, e.g. for regular maintenance.

Graphical representation of the installation of components in complex infrastructures

Cramped installation conditions

When the machine is in a complex infrastructure that makes it difficult to install an HMI panel on site.

Graphical representation of the use of WinCC Unified View of Things with smart phone or tablet

Use of familiar tools

When the users are not familiar with the operation of industrial HMIs - such as in agriculture.

Graphical representation of the advantage of WinCC Unified View of Things to be used in environments that do not require robust operator panels.

More than just industry

When the robustness of industrial operating devices is not required, and standard tablets and mobile devices are sufficient for operator control and monitoring.

Graphical representation of the separation of the visualization for 24/7 operation from the visualization for service and maintenance work with WinCC Unified View of Things

Service interface

If it makes sense to separate the visualization for 24/7 operation from the visualization for service and maintenance work.

Scope of services

What distinguishes WinCC Unified View of Things

WinCC Unified View of Things is designed for simple, web-based visualization tasks. This makes View of Things a lean HTML5 visualization solution with which you always have the most important things in view. If your web visualization more sophisticated requirements, we recommend using a fully equipped HMI solution like WinCC Unified PC or the Unified Comfort Panels.

Differences between simple web visualization and a complete HMI solution in the WinCC Unified System

WinCC Unified View of Things
Unified Comfort Panel
WinCC Unified PC
Basic objects and elements (e.g. I/O field, button, gauge) 
Graphics (incl. Dynamic SVG)
Screen windows
Audit & Reporting
Parameter Control
WinCC Unified Collaboration
Plant Intelligence Options

This overview represents only a part of the entire SIMATIC HMI portfolio. A complete overview is available on

System overview

One system, many possibilities

SIMATIC WinCC Unified System at a glance

Get an overview of the diverse possibilities of the SIMATIC WinCC Unified System for web visualization, an optimized combination of hardware and software. Get to know the new possibilities and advantages of the overall system.  

Completely integrated in TIA Portal

The configuration of SIMATIC WinCC Unified projects takes place uniformly in the proven Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal). This allows you to easily and efficiently create and test all the important parameters for the visualization.

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