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CNC system within a machine tool with digital twin, in the sign of digitalization

SINUMERIK CNC automation system

Highly productive automation solutions are demanded for workshops, jobshops and large series production – that accompany and support users along the path to digitalization. SINUMERIK CNC solutions always provide companies, operating machine tools, with the optimum solution to address specific requirements. Whether for individual parts or mass production – basic or complex workpieces.

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SINUMERIK – the CNC portfolio for the world of machine tools

SINUMERIK CNC controllers offer the suitable automation solution for all machine designs – for jobshop, contract manufacturing, and large series production.

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Machining technologies

Fit for the future

No matter in which machining technology you are interested – they all have one thing in common: SINUMERIK allows to save time when setting up the machine tool, and supports configuring with SINUMERIK Open Architecture and the individual extension in SINUMERIK Operate.

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Digitalization solutions

Digitalization solutions for the manufacture and operation of machine tools

Siemens’ digitalization portfolio for the machine builder ranges from the machine design to engineering through commissioning and service. The range of digitalization solutions covers the entire value added chain for the machine operator, from production design and planning on to execution and services.

SINUMERIK at a glance

SINUMERIK – one control system for all production areas

Whether single parts or mass production, simple or complex workpieces, SINUMERIK is the world's most productive automation CNC solution.
Key visual SINUMERIK History

The SINUMERIK Story – Innovation since 1960

2020 is an ideal moment to look back on 60 years of success. And introduce you to people who share their personal past, present and future with SINUMERIK.


In our our current story "Integrating SINUMERIK into day-to-day workshop life you" you can read how Pfeiffer Maschinen- und Apparatebau became a beta tester for Siemens.


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CNC industries

Know-how in all industry sectors

Each industry sector has unique requirements. Thanks to long-term CNC know-how, Siemens offers state-of-the-industry solution for cost-effective component production in automotive, aerospace, power generation and electronics, in all facets of tool and mold making and jobshop production. Whether using standardized automation concepts or custom-created technologies, Siemens brings global application experience - no matter where you are or how big or small you are. This offer is rounded off by industry-specific services including training, hotline support, on-site service, customized spare parts and repair concepts.

SINUMERIK in practice

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