Extend machine life-time cycles and reduce operating costs – with adaptive feed control

CNC Adaptive Control and Monitoring

Adaptive Control & Monitoring (ACM) – for improved production results

ACM monitors the current cutting conditions in real-time and automatically adjusts the feed rate to the optimal level. When overload is detected, ACM reduces the feed and triggers an alarm to stop the machine. The real-time approach increases productivity, as well as the life of machines and tools and ensures a safer production process. 

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Product strengths

Time efficiency. Tool protection. Flexibility.

ACM increases productivity and reduces manufacturing costs by providing optimization solutions. The cycle time reduction is usually 5-30%, with substantial tool life extension.
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Adaptive Control & Monitoring Technology

ACM technology provides optimizing solutions for all metal-cutting machine operations such as: milling, turning, grinding, drilling, gear hobbing and critical hole-making operations for metal industry.

The ACM system individually adapts the machining process to your requirements and production targets. Depending on the specific application, two operating modes may be used:

Know what you're doing – even more

Experts at the shop floor level benefit from informative reports that ACM generates. From the recorded data, you can obtain information that will help you to improve and optimize machining workflows. Reports on machine and tool utilization, actual feed rates, time savings, tool wear and tool life are available for every machine equipped with ACM.

Adaptive Control and Monitoring

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