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Siemens is leading digital transformation in the machine tool industry

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How to become a certified SINUMERIK ONE integration partner

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SINUMERIK ONE — the digital-native CNC platform for next-generation machine tools

Thanks to its seamless interaction between the digital world and the real world, SINUMERIK ONE is setting new standards when it comes to productivity. It’s the future-proof machine tool controller in the increasingly digital world of manufacturing. Machine tool builders and CNC machine users alike benefit from the universal digital twin of the product, production and performance.

Here are 10 reasons why SINUMERIK ONE is quickly becoming the CNC of choice for all manufacturers

It’s already being implemented by more than 350 machine builders worldwide.

Customers firmly believe Siemens is the leader in machine tool technology and innovation.

It’s the preferred CNC system for new shopfloor, aerospace and automotive part manufacturing.

SINUMERIK ONE offers users the fastest CNC performance compared to previous Siemens CNC systems.

SINUMERIK ONE is fully compatible with programing and operation and inter-changeable with SINAMICS drives and SIMOTICS motors.

There’s seamless integration with TIA Portal, the Siemens engineering environment, for state-of-the-art machine automation.

SINUMERIK ONE offers machine builders and machine users one complete platform for ultimate scalability.

Next-generation CNC technology permits one-handed operation and greatly increases user safety.

Machine builders benefit from the Digital Twin because machines can be created digitally before the first prototypes even become available.

It’s the evolution of the SINUMERIK 840D CNC system.

New innovations for high-performance CNC will quickly become reality on the new SINUMERIK ONE — the Digital Twin trendsetter for increased manufacturing productivity and accelerated business growth

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How to become a certified SINUMERIK ONE integration partner

It starts with an exclusive, no-cost discovery consultation.

You’ll also have access to an expert training session, which unlocks:

  • One trial license of Create MyVirtual Machine
  • 1:1 mentoring session with experienced Siemens engineers  
  • Access to free SINUMERIK ONE Commissioning class on-site at Siemens
  • 15% discount for SITRAIN training classes
  • Access to SiePortal — the integrated online platform for production selection and support

To be certified, you’ll need to be able to:

  • Successfully use Create MyVirtual Machine
  • Successfully build the SINUMERIK ONE control as the Digital Twin
  • Complete a machine startup at an end-customer

Once you’ve completed the certification, you’ll receive a glass plaque, a framed certificate and a SINUMERIK ONE rollup banner for your facility, along with ongoing support through 1:1 Virtual Product Expert sessions. You’ll also join an exclusive list of SINUMERIK ONE System Integrators that we’ll promote our marketing activities.

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