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The SINUMERIK Story – Innovation since 1960

2020 is an ideal moment to look back on 60 years of success. And introduce you to people who share their personal past, present and future with SINUMERIK.
Looking back

Development and triumph of SINUMERIK

Achievements, challenges and partnerships

Immerse yourself in six decades of Siemens CNC. A success story told by all those who have witnessed and helped to shape it, or who still do so to this day. Colleagues, former employees and customers talk about the successes, obstacles and partnerships that shaped SINUMERIK then as now. Happy Birthday, SINUMERIK! 

Stories since 1960

Integrating SINUMERIK into day-to-day workshop life

A partnership that has existed among companies and generations for more than two decades – and has made SINUMERIK a familiar face in workshops.

An evening in 1998 was not only set to herald the beginning of a unique partnership, but also significantly advance the establishment of SINUMERIK in the workshop. With perseverance, numerous test runs and a clear goal in mind, Siemens engineer Karsten Schwarz and the Pfeiffer company from Zirndorf near Nuremberg succeeded in making SINUMERIK more attractive and optimizing it for use in the workshop. Today, the two of them have long since set their eyes on the next goal: digitalizing all the machining processes within workshop production. A story about a partnership that began more than 20 years ago and continues to this day.

Contact with Karsten Schwarz led to us becoming a kind of beta tester.
Andreas Pfeiffer, Managing Director of W. Andreas Pfeiffer - Maschinen- und Apparatebau
What a rhino has to do with SINUMERIK

This way to the story

Looking for clues

From the first Siemens NC control system to the 10,000th SINUMERIK

What the future holds

The story continues

Our customers have relied on our experience in machine tool automation for 60 years.
Birthday wishes

Into the future with SINUMERIK

Whishes of our customers, partners and employees for the future of SINUMERIK.
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Tell your story!

Were you around when the first Siemens NC system revolutionized machining technology? Were you involved in the further development of SINUMERIK? In 2020, we remember six decades of our success story. We are looking for protagonists who will let us share their personal past, present and future with SINUMERIK. What are your memories? Help us tell the whole SINUMERIK story.

Karsten Schwarz and Andreas Pfeiffer at W. Andreas Pfeiffer Maschinen- und Apparatebau