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The SINUMERIK Story – Innovation since 1960

Looking back on over 60 years of success, allow us to introduce you to people who share their personal past, present and future with SINUMERIK.
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From punched tape to the digital twin

In this Deep Dive episode moderator Christine Brunner explores the history and the future of Computerized Numerical Controls. For 60 years the Siemens SINUMERIK CNC has made production easier, faster and more flexible. For this episode Christine is joined by CNC-experts Ankita Kambale and Karsten Schwarz. Together they discuss how NC programs were coded into punched tapes and how the SINUMERIK evolved into a digital native. Tune in to the podcast and listen how the digital twin will shape the future of the machine tool industry.

Podcast 'Talking Digital Industries'

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Looking back

Development and triumph of SINUMERIK

Achievements, challenges and partnerships

Immerse yourself in six decades of Siemens CNC. A success story told by all those who have witnessed and helped to shape it, or who still do so to this day. Colleagues, former employees and customers talk about the successes, obstacles and partnerships that shaped SINUMERIK then as now. Happy Birthday, SINUMERIK! 

Stories since 1960

How SINUMERIK conquered new continents

Together Reinhold Schwulera and Bruce Rowley shared a common path leading from the SINUMERIK 8 to SINUMERIK ONE.
To be honest, you sometimes make decisions like that in your life without being aware of the implications.
Bruce Rowley, Founder of CNC Design Australia
Germany meets Australia

This way to the story

More stories

Looking for clues

From the first Siemens NC control system to the 10,000th SINUMERIK

What the future holds

The story continues

Our customers have relied on our experience in machine tool automation for 60 years.
Birthday wishes

Into the future with SINUMERIK

Whishes of our customers, partners and employees for the future of SINUMERIK.
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Tell your story!

Were you around when the first Siemens NC system revolutionized machining technology? Were you involved in the further development of SINUMERIK? In 2020, we remember six decades of our success story. We are looking for protagonists who will let us share their personal past, present and future with SINUMERIK. What are your memories? Help us tell the whole SINUMERIK story.

Karsten Schwarz and Andreas Pfeiffer at W. Andreas Pfeiffer Maschinen- und Apparatebau