From 3-axis and 5-axis simultaneous to multitasking machining

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Best-in-class CNC milling with SINUMERIK

Milling expertise for short machining times and perfect surfaces, SINUMERIK MDynamics has been enhanced with the optional technology functions Top Surface and Top Speed, as well as Intelligent Load Control (ILC) and Intelligent Dynamic Control (IDC). Cutting-edge operation, unique technology cycles, ultimate shopfloor programming and high-quality CNC simulation, combined in single expert SINUMERIK packages for milling.

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Broad SINUMERIK portfolio for milling

Milling know-how and powerful SINUMERIK CNC hardware, intelligent CNC functions and the unique CAD/CAM-CNC process chain embody the competence of SINUMERIK in milling. The automotive and aerospace industries, energy and medical engineering, toolmaking, moldmaking and shopfloor manufacturing demand perfect milling results. The SINUMERIK MDynamics milling technology package with its enhanced features is the ideal solution.
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Top Speed
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SINUMERIK MDynamics means best in class for motion control and perfect workpiece surfaces, where surface quality, precision, and speed all get top priority.  The SINUMERIK MDynamics technology package gives the machine operator access to unlimited NC programs and workpiece documents, paperless production and visualization of geometries in toolmaking and moldmaking in next to no time. The intuitive user interface of SINUMERIK Operate supports all applications. 

Top Surface and Top Speed

SINUMERIK combines Top Surface with Top Speed to offer innovative path planning and velocity control, producing top quality surface quality and machining speeds. The intelligent path planning of Top Surface optimizes CAM data for the subsequent SINUMERIK path control. With Top Speed, you can execute programs with increased machine dynamic response without producing mechanical vibrations in the machine.  This combination of functions makes for a significant increase in the machining speed while maintaining optimum machining quality.

Intelligent Load Control / Intelligent Dynamic Control

With the functions Intelligent Load Control / Intelligent Dynamic Control, machine parameters can be changed depending on the current load and axis position to make full use of the machine dynamic performance. This produces the best machining result for every workpiece weight and at every position in the working area of the machine – resulting in shorter machining times with higher machining quality.

Collision Avoidance

The  SINUMERIK collision avoidance function can be used to protect the machine, workpiece, clamp or tool from collision. The monitoring function is supported in control modes JOG, MDA, and AUTO. A version integrated in the control offers collision protection of the entire machine.  If SINUMERIK Edge has been implemented, collision monitoring and avoidance can be moved out of the control without any loss of real-time capability. The result is holistic collision protection while the full performance of the SINUMERIK system is dedicated to machining. 

Everything you need to know about SINUMERIK CNC machining technologies

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Further technical information for milling

Find below information on the operator commands and elements of SINUMERIK Operate, as required for milling machining technology. You can learn about programming basics, how to handle program support functions, measuring functions, macro programs, etc.
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