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SINUMERIK Run MyRobot for CNC robotics

In the course of digitalizatizon, robots and machine tools are increasingly collaborating. SINUMERIK Run MyRobot provides the right solutions – from simple connections, to the convenient integration for handling tasks, through full system integration of the robot kinematics. In modern industrial automation, machine operators increasingly see an effective lever which allows a more flexible increase in productivity, while maintaining constant workpiece quality. To achieve this goal, the machine tools must be smoothly integrated in the manufacturing processes using appropriate networking solutions, and the robots must be integrated in the machine tools using predefined interfaces.

The Future of Manufacturing: A Common Language for Robots and Machine Tools

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SINUMERIK Run MyRobot / EasyConnect

SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /EasyConnect is based on the standard defined by VDW/VDMA and conveniently integrates robots quickly into a machine tool. The predefined engineering interface allows flexible response to the requirements arising with a respective automation solution. Thanks to EasyConnect, robots from different manufacturers can be connected in a standardized manner with SINUMERIK CNC controllers, integrated according to a Plug-and-Play principle. An automated workpiece flow increases the productivity, even in cases of large batch sizes.


Field of application:

  • Handling

SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Handling

SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Handling allows you to operate and teach the robot from the SINUMERIK operator panel. The commissioning process, performed when handling new workpieces, is simplified significantly by uniform operation in SINUMERIK. Using the cycle programming function, you can quickly and conveniently program the robot, requiring no robot know-how. The robot can also be easily run by the machine operator without having to undergo extensive training.


Field of application:

  • Handling

SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Machining

Here the SINUMERIK takes over the robot path control, supporting precise and fast execution of machining programs. NX CAM Robotics allows consistent integration of the robot in the existing CAD/CAM-CNC process chain and IT infrastructure. The interfacing of CNC controller and robot increases productivity and flexibility and ensures the desired precision and quality of the workpieces.


Field of application:

  • Path-controlled handling
  • Machining
  • Hybrid (path-controlled handling & machining during machining time)

SINUMERIK Run MyRobot / Direct Control

Allowing integration of the mechanical robot model into the SINUMERIK CNC, this function requires no additional robot controller. The direct control concept significantly simplifies the configuration of the controller hardware and optimizes the spare parts management process. The unique SINUMERIK-controlled robot technology provides further improvements in accuracy and dynamics, together with the benefits arising from a single-source controller concept. This concept also reduces the time and expenditure required for commissioning and engineering tasks.


Fields of application:

  • Handling
  • Machining
  • Hybrid  (handling & machining during machining time)
SINUMERIK Robotics - The dream team for outstanding productivity

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Further technical information on robotics

Below you will find information on the most common types of programming for a 6-axis robot with SINUMERIK 840D sl. You can learn all about axial programming, Cartesian programming with virtual rotary axis angles, orientation programming, and Cartesian PTP positioning.
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