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The Internet of Things is changing the world.  Siemens‘ answer: SIMATIC IOT2000. With SIMATIC IOT2020 and IOT2040 products, Siemens offers a solution for open source applications for education – with SIMATIC quality for 24/7 operation. You benefit from the open, expandable hardware (PCIe- and Arduino Uno R3-compatible interface), the Linux based operating system (Yocto V2.x) and with the optional IOT2000EDU Software Controller for TIA portal programming.

The highlight:

With the SIMATIC IOT2000EDU Software Controller, executable on IOT2020 and IOT2040, can now also be programmed with TIA Portal V15 or higher.

IOT2020 or IOT2040 enables students to gain hands-on experiences at the beginning of their studies as well as afterwards in challenging projects, e.g.:

• in sensor and control technology applications with high-level programming, such as C/C++, Python, Java, Json, Node.js/Node-RED

• and now also TIA Portal programming with IOT2000EDU

IOT2020/2040 is based on the Intel Quark® x1000/x1020-CPU, the Yocto Linux open source operating system and a Software Development Kit (SDK) from Siemens for implementation of projects in high-level languages.

IOT2020 or IOT2040 for high-level language programming

SIMATIC IOT2020 with: 

• Intel Quark® CPU, x1000 (Galileo)

• 512 MB RAM

• 1x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45 interface

• 1x USB2.0

• 1x USB client

• SD Card slot

• 24 V DC supply voltage


For details see 

Technical data




SIMATIC IOT2040 with: 

• Intel Quark® CPU,  x1020 (+Secure Boot)

• 1 GB RAM

• 2x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces RJ45

• 1x USB2.0, 1x USB client

• 2x RS232/485 interfaces

• SD Card slot

• Battery-buffered real time clock (RTC)

• 24 V DC supply voltage


For details see

Technical data

IOT2000 IO-Shield for connection of external signals


SIMATIC IOT2000 Input/Output Module with 

• 5 DI

• 2 DO

• 2 AI

• ARDUINO Shield for IOT2020 / IOT2040


For details see


Technical data




3rd party IO-Shield

E.g.: IKHDS Power Shield for IOT2020/2040 with

• 6 DI

• 5 DO (Relay)

• 1 DO (PWM)

• 2 AI

• 1 AO


For details see

Kaftan media UG

(Only in German)

IOT2000EDU for TIA Portal programming

IOT2000EDU Software Controller 

for IOT2020/IOT2040 for programming with SIMATIC TIA Portal V15 or higher

• Runtime software

• Hardware Support Package (HSP)

• Documentation

• License label

• With 100 licenses


For details see

Technical data


Can only be purchased for schools and universities. 

Below you will find a simplified short guide for setting up your IOT2020 or IOT2040.

  1. Provide needed hardware and install the "Win32 disc imager, Eclipse" software on the PC.
  2. Install IO-Shield for connection of external signals.
  3. Insert MicroSD card in the PC. It is designated for the operating system and provides space for programs and data.
  4. Save Yocto Linux  SD Card example image to the SD card and insert in the IOT2000. It contains the ready-to-use Linux operating system with runtime environment for all supported programming languages.

Use the following guide to perform steps 1-4:

Setting up the SIMATIC IOT2000.


Experts are available in the IOT2000 Forum. The forum provides instructions on the first project steps, application examples, introduction videos, downloads and FAQs. 


Other information
IOT2000 RealTime Download Page

Operating instructions/Manual

High-level language programming with IOT2000

The Getting Started helps you get started with high-level programming with C/C++ and Eclipse. Other programming environments are described using programming examples and FAQs in the IOT2000 Forum. For example: Python, Java, Json, Node.js/Node-RED.

TIA Portal programming with IOT2000EDU only for schools and universities

The SCE Learn- & Training Documents for IOT2000EDU offer you step-by-step instructions for easy introduction to the TIA Portal programming with IOT2020 or IOT2040.


1. Specific hardware configuration with SIMATIC IOT2000EDU

In this module you will learn 

• how to setup the IOT2000 and

• how to prepare the TIA Portal for the IOT2000. 

• Afterwards, a project is created and the hardware is configured.

To document


2. FC programming with SIMATIC IOT2000EDU

In this module you will learn 

• the basic elements of a controller program, organization blocks (OB), functions (FC), function blocks (FB) and data blocks (DB). 

• In addition, we introduce library-compatible functions and function block programming. 

• You learn more about the Function Block Diagram (FBD) programming language and use it to program a function (FC1) and an organization block (OB1).

To document

Other information

Eclipse Plugin
IOT2000 RealTime Download Page

The SIMATIC IOT2000 is the reliable open platform for collecting, processing and transferring data in the production environment.  It is ideally suited as gateway between the cloud or the company IT level and production. 

As part of Industry 4.0, networking of production and office IT continues to expand. Production data is collected and evaluated in the cloud to optimize production. Networking of existing plants is a major challenge in this regard, because the machines from different manufacturers and on different technological levels often do not speak the same data language. The solution is often time-consuming and complex retrofitting in these situations

(in German language only)

There have been many questions about what the IOT2020 and IOT2040 are for, what is their intended use etc. Are they a gateway, an Edge Device, Something Else?, how do they fit into the Industrial Internet of things? This video should answer that question.

Details about the winners at

(in Dutch language only)


In this tutorial I will show you how to program a SIMATIC IOT2000 with Arduino IDE.

I have had a chance to look at the new firmware for the SIMATIC IOT2000 series gateways from Siemens, there were a few bugs in V2.1.2 so I was looking forward to seeing if these had been resolved and also if the final requested ap was included. Namely Mosquitto, an MQTT Broker. The new firmware should be available in the next few days from the Siemens support site. I used a Sandisk Ultra 64GB SD card that has 80MB/Sec read and write, it gave excellent performance under normal operation. I did not test everything, I just looked to the bug fixes and new apps and gave a quick run through using Node-Red with GPIO and Serial comms.

(in German language only)


Das neue IOT2020 der Fa. Siemens ist ab sofort exklusiv bei RS-Components verfügbar: Dieses preisgünstige Modul basiert auf dem Intel Galileo Board und läuft unter dem Betriebssystem Linux, welches von einer SD-Speicherkarte gestartet wird. Das IOT2020 ist in großen Teilen anschlusskompatibel zum Arduino und kann u. a. aus der gewohnten Arduino-Entwicklungsumgebung programmiert werden. Dem Einsatz zur Steuerung unserer virtuellen Anlagenmodelle für den Arduino steht daher nichts im Wege. Unser Video erläutert die Vorgehensweise Schritt für Schritt.

Massimo Banzi shows how easy it is to build an industrial application based on Siemens IOT2020 thanks to its Arduino compatibility.

The last few days are going for a chance to win an IOT2020 Starter kit, all you need to do is submit an idea for a chance.

I have just just launched a contest on

In this video I will show you how to get an Arduino Relay Shield above the case for easy access to the connections.

The SIMATIC IOT2020 is an open platform for collecting, processing and transferring data in the production environment. Targeted at education, hobbyist and design engineers, this unit is compatible with Arduino Hardware and Sketch and runs Linux OS.

In the last video we took a brief look at the Siemens IOT2020, here we will take the covers off and look inside.

You have your SIMATIC IOT2020 from RS Components, but how do you get your Linux OS up and running on your network? It defaults to and this may not be your network range!

Time to install some software to allow us to build a real open source industrial gateway.

Time to see if the stated Arduino IDE and Sketch compatability is true.

SIMATIC IOT2020 can only be ordered from RS Components – our Siemens partner for automation and drives.

• Order No.: 124-4037

• Search term for RS website: 1244037


Exception: IOT2020 can be ordered from Allied Electronics, Inc. in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Chile.

• Order No.: 70949653

• Search term for Allied website: IOT2020


SIMATIC IOT2040 can be ordered using the standard Siemens order channels.

• Order No.: 6ES7647-0AA00-1YA2

can only be ordered by schools and universities using the standard Siemens order channels. 

Note: Signed additional agreement required.


SIMATIC IOT2000EDU can be ordered using the standard Siemens order channels.

• Order No.: 6ES7671-0LE00-0YB0


can be ordered using the standard Siemens order channels.

• Order No.: 6ES7647-0KA01-0AA2


3rd party IO-Shield, e.g. IKHDS Power Shield fur IOT2020/2040 can only be ordered from Kaftan media UG.

• Order No.: 100301

Kaftan media UG

(Only in German)

can only be ordered by schools, universities and in-house vocational training departments using the standard Siemens order channels. 

Note: Signed additional agreement required.


SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional Software V15 for training

• Order No.: 6ES7822-1AA05-4YA5 (1 license)                                                                         

• Order No.: 6ES7822-1BA05-4YA5  (6+20 licenses)

• Order No.: 6ES7822-1AA05-4YE5  (upgrade with 6 licenses)       

SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional Software for Students V15          

• Order No.: 6ES7822-1AC05-4YA5 (20 licenses)

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