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Turn your factory into a smart factory           

Smart factories, smart data, smart manufacturing: the word “smart” has been around for quite some time in the industry. But smart applications are not always easy, are they? 


How do you make your production smart – i.e. modular, sustainable and efficient  all at the same time? How can you react flexibly to ever-changing market requirements? We will show you how easy it is to make smart production a success with  Siemens Innovations - the Future of Automation.


What you can look forward to: exciting sessions and virtual tradeshow that demonstrate concrete solutions for today and tomorrow. Under the motto “Siemens Innovations - the Future of Automation” we turn challenges into opportunities and help you to  achieve goals that may seem unattainable.


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Siemens - Technology with Purpose
Smart automation, smart data, smart manufacturing: the word “smart” has been around for quite some time in the industry. But being smart is not so easy, is it? Join us to find out.
Innovations and Roadmap 2021 – Siemens PLC, IO, and SW
Join us for an overview of the latest and greatest product and technology innovations that can directly impact your applications, including a sneak preview into the near-term roadmap for future product releases. Find out how these PLC, IO & SW products can help improve your applications; reduce your engineering time and increase your productivity.
HMI Innovations and Roadmap 2021
In this session we will share key aspects of how a futuristic HMI is now available to you with features and functionality that will surely take you for a spin.
Innovations and Roadmap 2021 - TIA Portal Engineering Software
The integration of the automation engineering tools are pivotal to our success in this new digital journey. Experience the latest innovations and gain insight into the overview solutions that provide the maximum flexibility in automation engineering solutions.

World Class IO Innovations and Benefits 2021
As a continuum in innovating IO's beyond traditional boundaries., join this session to experience the innovations. Also learn how easy it is to connect the multi-faceted IO's to any existing controller to reap the advantages of cost/space savings, increased productivity and more.
Innovations  with  WinCC Unified
As a continuation of the latest and greatest product and technology innovations, find out how HMI & SCADA products can help improve your applications, reduce your engineering time and increase your productivity.

Industrial Edge
Edge analytics can improve product quality with anomaly detection, reduce downtime with predictive maintenance, and gain helpful performance insights. Industrial Edge allows you to analyze all the data at the machine level instantly. Take a look at some of the Apps available today that help improve production. Create individual data processing solutions and customized dashboards to identify opportunities for optimization.

Siemens Co-operates with Education 
The goal of the Siemens Cooperates with Education program is to elevate the technical expertise of the future workforce. The program invests in innovative curricula, student projects and competitions that offer real-world solutions to industry problems. This commitment creates a work-ready talent pool and promotes global innovation in academia and fosters Siemens brand. Come and hear what the SCE is program is doing for schools in the US and a few project highlights from schools benefiting from the program. 
Move Like it's 2021 - SIMATIC Motion Control Innovations
Join us to experience the latest motion enhancements geared toward PLC User friendliness and promoting efficient engineering programming.
The New UL Standard for VFD’s and What You Need to Know
The withdrawal of UL 508C on February 1, 2020 has greatly impacted the industry. UL 508C for a low-voltage adjustable speed drives (ASD) or variable frequency drives (VFD) has been replaced with a new UL standard UL 61800-5-1. This session provides an expert's perspective on what you need to know if you are a user, a panel builder, a manufacturer of motor control centers (MCC) or an OEM. We will also highlight strong benefits of using UL 61800-5-1 certified drives.
Security by Default: Secure Your Production Equipment to Avoid
Cyber and Ransomware Attacks
'Security by Default' isn't just a catchphrase from Siemens; it's a mindset that is reshaping industry standards as we speak. In this session, learn about the latest technology and features that are available, by default and by design, which can help secure your production, from cyber and ransomware attacks. 
Move Like it's 2021 - Robotic Integrator and Micro-Drives 
Ever wonder how a 6D robotic machine integrates with a Siemens PLC? Join us to explore and take a closer look at the interactions between Robotics and SIMATIC PLCs. Come and learn how our high-performance and low-voltage DC drives provide improved battery-powered industrial motion control in a compact footprint, along with advanced human-machine interaction.