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Digitalization Webinars

Digital workflow provides greater flexibility and openness

Virtual commissioning with the digital twin: The game changer for machine builders

October 23, 2019


Virtual commissioning with a digital twin is revolutionizing how Machine Builders are bringing their products to market. It allows for a 3D CAD model of a machine to be animated to emulate the machine’s real behavior, where the animations are controlled by a virtual PLC. As a result, mechanical and automation engineers can work in parallel much earlier in the process to reduce time to market.

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Totally Integrated Automation Webinars

TIA improves industrial productivity in discrete industries

Reduce machine downtime by digitizing mechanical data

Wednesday, March 18


Experiencing unexpected machine downtime due to a preventable mechanical failure can be disruptive and costly!  Learn how you can reduce or eliminate unexpected downtimes by digitizing mechanical vibration data using condition monitoring systems and cloud technology.


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Safety Webinars

Protecting people, machinery, and the future

Functional safety product lifecycle - From concept to decommissioning and everything in between

September 25, 2019


Dan Posner of TÜV Rheinland of North America discusses the product safety lifecycle, necessary documentation for compliance, and the role functional safety plays in the lifecycle.

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Security Webinars

Protecting productivity in in the manufacturing industry

Monitoring your OT systems for cybersecurity threats

April 24, 2019


Cyber threats against Operational Technology (OT) networks, such as industrial control and supervisory control and data acquisition systems, present serious security risks! Nigel Stanley of TUV Rheinland NA lays out a framework for companies that are starting to understand their OT cybersecurity risk but need to know “what comes next.”

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