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Siemens TIA Portal: Score a Pass

To ensure consistently high program quality the TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced offers a Style guide checker and an Application test. Rule sets with the project specific programming guidelines can ensure compliance to a standard, and unit test cases can validate functional results of code. 


Join Siemens for a live demonstration as we initiate the style guide check against our sample project file, and run application unit tests to ensure consistency and functionality.

Save engineering time and optimize automation design with multifunctional controller platforms

Today’s automation requirements are growing more and more complex. For a single control application, a customer may need to interface their PLC/PAC logic with Windows applications, high level C/C++ code, model-based design and simulation tools. Trying to integrate these tools is time consuming and can create a complex maintenance nightmare. The multifunctional platform enables users to combine all of these functions on a single, compact hardware platform with simple, fast integration, offering extreme design flexibility and the ability to maintain a clean, optimized automation system.


Join Siemens to learn how you can use multifunctional platforms to save engineering design/integration time, optimize your control cabinet space and save hardware costs, and design cleaner, easier to maintain automation systems.

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