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Network solutions for reliable and economical flow of power - in a changing power landscape.

With the world’s most reliable communication solutions for any electrical power installation, field-proven to last for decades, our portfolio offers unrivaled performance for power generation, transmission, distribution, substation automation, and any other function integrated in the electric power chain. Our redundant network designs based on IEC 62439-3 ensure maximized availability of your applications. Full compliance with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 and continuous operation from -40 °C to +85 °C, ensure that our products can be used in the harshest environments. Products developed in accordance with IEEE 1588 fulfill very demanding time-critical process bus requirements and our cybersecurity solutions are in compliance with NERC CIP. An extensive range of products and a modular design featuring diverse interfaces provide the highest level of flexibility for any network architecture. Moreover, technical protection solutions against all kinds of data loss help you increase the availability of your grid.

In transformer substations and substations in the high- and medium-voltage range the environmental conditions are often very harsh. To enable reliable operation of mission-critical applications, Siemens offers comprehensive Ethernet networking solutions that satisfy even the toughest requirements for strong EMC, antishock and antivibration – at operating temperatures between minus 40 °C and plus 85 °C. The state-of-the-art redundancy, diagnosis and remote access mechanisms further contribute to a smooth consistent operation. Using serial interfaces you can also easily integrate existing plant selections into the new network infrastructure.



  • Compact devices and network components with high port density (up to 28 gigabit ports)
  • Large number of electrical and optical interfaces
  • Data rates of up to 1 gigabit
  • Robust network architecture for extremely harsh environmental conditions

Time to Switch - Rugged communications for the Digital Substation

Digitalization ushers in a new day for the electric power industry around the world. The digital substation lies at the cornerstone of the evolving digital utility. It is the heart of an infrastructure that must be able to withstand the ever growing amount of data that will be generated and consumed by digital substation equipment in the coming years. To achieve this, operators must streamline the information and data exchanges in the electrical grid and supporting communication networks.

Field modular 19“ Layer 2 rack switch with 10 Gbit/s uplinks, support for IEEE 1588 and optional Power-over-Ethernet - an ideal solution for high port density applications in the electric power market.

Compact Gigabit IEEE 1588 compatible Ethernet switch supporting High Availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) and Parallel Redundancy Protocol according to IEC 62439-3. RSG907R offers Fiber ports vs. RSG909R offers Copper ports.

The growing number of distributed energy sources, virtual power plants, and microgrids is an enormous challenge for every communication infrastructure. The flexible communication solutions from Siemens are monitoring, controlling, and connecting smart grids, serving as the basis for a high performing, future-proof power supply. No matter if you are planning to interconnect ring main units via existing two-wire copper cables or to transmit data wirelessly encrypted over cellular networks – Siemens has the right answer to any communication challenge with its RUGGEDCOM and SCALANCE product families.



  • International communication standards such as IEC 61850
  • Reliable, fast communication infrastructure
  • Customized network solutions
  • High data transfer rates

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Availability and reliability are key requirements for generating thermal energy. They can be achieved with an intelligent process control system in combination with a robust network infrastructure. Siemens’ solutions use modern redundancy mechanisms and extensive diagnostic functions to reliably provide the plant’s control system with real-time information about all connected devices. With high-performance layer 3 components, based on Industrial Ethernet, Siemens offers maximum availability and data rates within gigabit range.



  • Standardized per IEC 62439-3
  • Layer-3 solutions with high data rates
  • High performance of the communications network
  • Consistent, end-to-end diagnostic optimization

When automating wind turbines and even entire wind parks it is important to make condition and performance monitoring data available in real-time throughout the entire network. For an efficient management of wind farms of any size, Siemens recommends scalable and cost-efficient network solutions. Integrated redundancy mechanisms ensure consistent operation and low maintenance costs. Even if there is no control center in place, network could be managed remotely by using existing cellular networks or WiMAX broadband wireless technology offered by RUGGEDCOM WIN products.End-to-end network solutions from Siemens and also wireless over Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN) ensures smooth condition monitoring and transmission of measured data when it comes to wind turbine automation. Communication solutions are based on TIA and PROFINET, the open Industrial Ethernet standard for automation.



  • Secure and reliable communications
  • Communications redundancy
  • Robust network design
  • Optimized for extremely harsh outdoor conditions

Addressing the unique challenges of the electric power industry.

The power industry not only has sheer size and coverage to consider with their overall networks, they also have FERC regulations, and the overall security of our nations grid amidst increasing cyber hacks on critical infrastructure.  This industry has very unique challenges, and with Siemens RUGGEDCOM expertise, products and services, we are here to help you address these challenges.  Visit our "Addressing Utility Challenges" page to learn more.

Safeguarding operational technology against cyberthreats

Cybersecurity for NERC CIP

How do you create a sound defensive strategy for your electric utility network?

Operators across numerous industry verticals are migrating their ICS networks from serial communications to Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications.  The integration of OT and IT networks offers significant enhancements to remote monitoring, remote control, performance, reliability and other operational advantages.  This paper explores how to best protect property, society and people from cyberthreats

Partner for mission-critical networks

Products and services for rugged networks

The planning, design, and implementation of reliable and powerful communication networks demand both ability and technical knowledge. We are your skilled partner in helping ensure that your company-wide communications are designed to be future-proof.