A new way to sell: Transferable know-how for selling Industrial Communications in the Digital Age 

Selling is changing and success demands new sales skills.

Traditionally, sales has focused on providing products and services to support customer projects and upgrades.  However, buyer needs and expectations are rising.  Customers are experiencing transformation in Digital Connectivity that requires a different approach, involves different people and requires a new set of sales skills.  Enter Transformative Selling.

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Transformative Selling

The sales process is complex.  What got us here is not going to get us there - relationships are good, but more strategic selling is needed today.  This involves selling 'smarter': proactively shaping, guiding and educating prospects in their complex decision journey.

Transformative Selling is a one-of-a-kind training designed for the crème de la crème of our partner sales.  It's transformative.  It covers the basics such as the types and function of products in our portfolio, the role of each product in an integrated solution and a base understanding of our positioning versus competition.  But Transformative Selling goes further to elevate these capabilities:

  • Focused. Solutions selling vs. product sales

  • Adaptive. Teaching how to adapt selling strategy

  • Impactful. Develop the ability to communicate impact

Experiential, Interactive Session

  • Group activities and discussions

  • Competitive exercises and practice

  • Role-plays and simulations

Real-world Application

  • Exercises based on actual deals and accounts
  • Peer idea sharing

Practical Tools

  • New Siemens selling tools and aids

  • 'Commitment-tracker' to reinforce lasting behavior change

Unique, Tailored Content

The content has been developed in collaboration with Siemens partners to:

  • Improve win rates
  • Deepen relationships

  • Expand deal size


What are the expectations from the attendee?

  • Enthusiastic commitment and participation of all 3 phases of the experience

  • Complete pre-work

  • Provide thoughtful feedback

What do we need from the partner company?

  • Student performance data 12 months prior to the course

  • Student sales performance at 6 months and 12 months post course completion

  • Networking/ Identification loading for sales person

Education and Skills Enhancement

Preparing for the Training

More details to come on the pre-work as we get closer to the training.  This list provides an idea of what to expect.

  • Watch a series of online videos covering skill basics

  • Complete the comprehensive Product Overview training which consists of two webinars (1 hour each), and are held 2 weeks prior to the live experience.

  • Complete the templates for current sales opportunities and new customer(s) you would like to convert.