Replace legacy products with a modern automation system that accepts existing programming

Siemens offers an easy and flexible approach to retrofitting existing machine systems while improving system performance. With Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), engineers can add the advantages of modern, early-life products while smoothly integrating components across brands. The digitally driven system is designed to increase productivity, allow rapid diagnostic capabilities and reduce engineering time. And no-charge code conversion preserves your current program structures and tag naming conventions, making the transition to Siemens even simpler than updating with your current brands.

The Challenges of Controller Replacement

Here are three major hurdles that you're likely to face as you plan a controller-replacement strategy:

Siemens Solution

1. The need to understand the benefits of possibly disrupting operations to change vendors.


You’re responsible for making sure system designs improve overall performance and don’t

lead to extensive downtime or maintenance requirements.

Siemens advanced controllers allow you to boost productivity, data transparency and flexibility with the following features:

• The ability to connect to third-party controllers for data sharing
• Integrated, no-programming diagnostics
• Integrated communication tools

2. The need for a system that requires very little training so you can minimize expenses.


Even if you stay with the same brand when upgrading components, you will need to

convert code because I/O and other features likely have changed. So although you know

that an upgrade is critical, you’re worried that a new controller will require additional training.

Siemens offers:

• No-charge code-conversion services that allow you to retain your current structures and naming conventions
• A single engineering framework that integrates controllers, distributed I/O, HMI drives, motion control and motor management
• Intuitive system functions, such as implementation wizards and drag and drop between editors

3. The need to ensure maintenance can easily and quickly work on new controllers to

minimize downtime.


Switching to a new controller, especially one from a different vendor, could result in costly

downtime or shutdowns if maintenance cannot quickly diagnose and address issues.

Siemens helps maintenance identify and fix problems quickly with:

• No-programming diagnostics automatically displayed on all system devices
• A pictorial overall system view which becomes active when online, showing information from hardware faults to network failures

Video: Controller Replacement for Engineers