With manufacturing automation from Siemens, stand out by offering more process advantages

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and the TIA Portal offer advantages in the Design, Commissioning and Maintenance phases of a project through core features, such as:

  • Design: Common databases for all devices, which reduce the need for data sharing, and thus reduce data-sharing errors

  • Commissioning: Time-saving elements, such as auto-tuning of PID loops and graphical representations of real IO points for process analysis

  • Maintenance: Informative diagnostics that are automatically displayed in multiple ways

The Challenges of Controller Replacement

Here are three major hurdles that you're likely to face as you plan a controller-replacement strategy:

Siemens Solution

1. The need to reduce engineering time.

Converting legacy code is a time-consuming process, and you and your clients need

systems implemented with minimal downtime.

Siemens offers the following services and controller features to speed engineering time:

• No-charge code-conversion services
• A single engineering framework
• An overall project-management tool

2. The need for a system that is easy to commission so you can meet customer deadlines

while maximizing profits.


Different global standards and poor interoperability between new controllers and existing

systems can result in integration delays.

Siemens controllers feature easy integration and offer a high level of interoperability, including:

• Intuitive system functions, such as implementation wizards and drag and drop between editors, for fewer clicks and faster engineering
• One common tag database
• Online/offline comparisons

3. The need for a smarter system that can be accessed remotely so you don‘t have to make

repeated site visits.


A lack of process information, data transparency and remote access to the system mean you

might have to make on-site visits to resolve issues, which cuts into profitability.

Siemens offers:

• Integrated, no-programming diagnostics to quickly pinpoint issues
• Remote monitoring and secured web-server access via PC, smartphone or tablet computer
• Seamless and easy data-sharing capabilities

Video: Controller Replacement for Integrators