Securely switch to a modern, early-lifespan automation system that easily integrates with existing equipment

Siemens offers an easy and flexible approach to upgrading obsolete factory automation equipment with modern alternatives that can coexist with what's already in place, preserving your existing assets. Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) offers products that are more secure and offer deep transparency into the system and component performance, providing a foundation for predictive and preventive maintenance plans. Maintenance teams can gain the advantages of innovation while executing a safe transition through Siemens support services, such as no-charge code conversion services and 24/7 technical support.

The Challenges of Controller Replacement

Here are three major hurdles that you're likely to face as you plan a controller-replacement strategy:

Siemens Solution

1. The need to quickly and easily diagnose, navigate and solve problems to keep your

plant running.


You already know that an upgrade is critical because your old controller lacks the ability to

pinpoint problems with your process, leaving you to struggle through lines of logic to find

the issues.

Siemens advanced controllers allow you to quickly and easily diagnose, navigate and solve a problem to keep your plant running:

• Easy-to-understand faults are automatically obtained and displayed on the HMI, web server and controller
• Allows line operators to diagnose problems before ever leaving the tool crib

2. The need for familiarity with the code, right from the start, for an easy transition.


Although you know that an upgrade to a new vendor‘s advanced controller would be

beneficial, you are concerned about losing current running logic and having to re-program

the new controller with unfamiliar software, which leads to longer changeover times.

However, even if you stay with the same brand, a code conversion is still required due to

differences in programming software and tasks.

Siemens offers no-charge code conversion services that:

• Retain your current structures and naming conventions
• Convert your current logic into a new, state-of-the-art programming tool
• Allow you familiarity from the start for an easy transition

3. The need for immediate service and support to avoid costly downtime.


Switching to a new controller, especially one from a different vendor, could result in costly

downtime or shutdowns if you do not have access to immediate technical support.

Siemens allows you to keep your systems running by offering:

• No-charge basic technical support
• A global network of specialists
• Local Application Engineers in your area to assist you

Video: Controller Replacement for Maintenance Pros