SIMATIC Safety Integrated – all built in

One controller, one engineering, one communication for standard and fail-safe automation

SIMATIC Safety Integrated is the seamless integration of machine safety in the SIMATIC automation system. The system, comprising both hardware and software, offers the advantage of having the safety functions already built in, so no second, additional system is needed.   This genuine integration not only results in potential savings on hardware and engineering, but also gives you the opportunity to achieve the perfect match between safety and machine design.

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SIMATIC Safety Integrated

Integrated safety for your future automation solution

In the age of Industrie 4.0, production lines not only have to be highly flexible, they also need to be available and cost-efficient. At the same time, they must comply with the necessary safety requirements. As the demands placed on the manufacturing industry in adapting to market needs increase, so do the challenges facing machine builders.

SIMATIC Safety Integrated implements consistent safety solutions based on Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) by seamlessly integrating safety functions into standard automation systems. By putting these together with the SINAMICS drives and its integrated safety functions using PROFINET or PROFIBUS via PROFISAFE, Siemens offers maximum integration and consistency.

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Safety Portfolio

Seamlessly integrated safety technology for improved safety and productivity

Our end-to-end, fail-safe portfolio covers all requirements and can be flexibly scaled as required. Integrating safety into the hardware and software portfolio gives you advantages when it comes to installation, and maximum availability combined with maximum safety.

STEP 7 and STEP 7 Safety - Efficient engineering for standard and falsafe automation in the TIA Portal

With the option package SIMATIC STEP 7 Safety Advanced or STEP 7 Safety Basic you can use all the benefits of the TIA Portal to create your safety functions too. Safety programs can be created in the programming languages LAD and FBD. PLCSIM also makes testing possible without any hardware.  

  • Flexibility
    Use “ready-made” function blocks (e.g. emergency stop) out of the Step 7 Safety Library, or create and use your own in-house safety functions . This makes it possible to match the safety functions perfectly to the machines. 
  • Savings due to standardization
    Both programs/modules and hardware configurations can be saved in libraries and are secured using a unique CRC. This permits re-use and reduces the time and expense needed for testing .
  • Testing without hardware
    Programs can be tested in the TIA Portal, including the safety functions, using PLCSIM or PLCSIM Advanced with no need for hardware. This means the safety functions can be tested in advance to ensure correct implementation.  
  • Change management
    Every module, and the entire program, is allocated a CRC that makes it possible to identify changes quickly. The overall signature can be easily displayed on the screen of the S7-1500 CPU, or via the web server, for example.


Controllers with integrated safety functions - flexible and completely scalable

The SIMATIC controller portfolio with integrated safety functions has the right controller for all your automation needs. The range of SIMATIC controllers includes Basic, Advanced, Distributed as well as Software Controllers, offering impressive scalability and functional integration.

SIMATIC controllers can be flexibly expanded at any time with plug-in I/O modules, and function and communication modules. The fail-safe input and output signals can be recorded or controlled either via I/O modules or via PROFINET using PROFIsafe.

SIMATIC controllers are certified for applications in accordance with IEC 62061 to SIL 3 and EN ISO 13849-1 to PL e.

Controller solution for basic and stand alone automation tasks with safety related functions

The S7-1200 Basic Controller portfolio comprises 3 CPUs with safety functionality offering two different variants each. They can be used for safety-oriented tasks according to IEC 61508 up to SIL 3 and ISO 13849-1 up to PL e.
The fail-safe Basic Controllers can also take charge of monitoring safety functions like a protective door with tumbler. The connection to the fail-safe sensor and actuator technology is either local via fail-safe signal modules, or remote via PROFIsafe.

Controller solution for demanding applications with failsafe and standard functionality

When high performance, a wide range of technological functions, flexibility and versatile communication features are required

The S7-1500 controller portfolio comprises 7 CPUs with safety functionality. 
The fail-safe versions have a larger memory for standard and fail-safe applications and fail-safe communication via PROFIsafe with PROFINET/PROFIBUS, and guarantee functional safety to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 62061 and PL e in accordance with ISO 13849.

The CPUs are designed to allow the required safety functions to be perfectly integrated into the overall solution. The active safety program including its CRC, can be conveniently identified via the onboard screen, and diagnostic messages can be read in clear text.

Controller solution for series machines with limited space and machines with distributed architecture offering safety functions

Thanks to their compact design, Distributed Controllers are particularly suitable for series machine manufacturing. The integrated safety function makes the system particularly compact, since the absence of the safety controller that would otherwise be required saves space in the control cabinet. They can be accommodated in small control boxes directly on the machine.

In networked plants, connection to a production line’s central control cabinet is realized via PROFINET.


Solutions based on ET 200SP with IP 20 degree of protection

The SIMATIC ET 200SP portfolio comprises two ET 200SP F-CPUs based on the  S7-1500 CPUs and failsafe variants of the PC-based ET 200SP Open Controller.

Solutions based on ET 200pro with IP 65/67 degree of protection

For safety related applications directly on the machine there is a F-CPU based on the Distributed Controller of the ET 200pro IO system.

The Software Controller with Safety Integrated for machines that benefit from the advantages of a PC-based solution

The CPU1507S F, a software controller with Safety Integrated, enables PC-based automation solutions to run on a SIMATIC IPC with a Windows operating system.

The software controller shows its particular strengths when special automation functions have to be integrated using the programming languages C or C++ or when a close connection of Windows software to the software controller is required.

Because the CPU1507S F can also perform safety-related tasks, there is no need for a second system to take care of these.

SIMATIC ET 200 – the ideal I/O, even for fail-safe tasks

With SIMATIC ET 200, a wide variety of I/O systems are available for standard and fail-safe automation – for solutions in the control cabinet or without a control cabinet directly at the machine.

The modular design allows you to easily scale the ET 200 systems in small steps, for example, to expand with fail-safe I/O modules. The products can be consistently integrated into the automation system using PROFINET and/or PROFIBUS via PROFIsafe. All fail-safe I/O modules are certified for use in applications in accordance with IEC 62061 up to SIL 3 and EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e.



SIMATIC ET 200 Failsafe I/O for the control cabinet (IP20)

Greatest variety of modules, performance and usability also for safety-related applications

ET 200SP is characterized by a comprehensive range of failsafe modules: digital and analogue I/O modules, a digital F-output module relay, a failsafe poer module, a failsafe AS-i communication module and motor starters enable the most flexible response to automation requirements.  

  • Design
    The fail-safe I/O modules can form part of a mixed operating structure with standard modules. They can be connected either directly alongside a CPU or remotely via PROFINET/PROFIBUS.
  • Diagnostics
    They offer all necessary monitoring options, e.g. for short-circuits or cross-circuits and channel-discrete detailed diagnostics.
    Identified faults are normally dealt with only by passivizing the affected channel.
  • New: analog recording of current measurements
    The fail-safe F-AI analog module can be used to record measurements of current safely and reliably.

The I/O system for the S7-1500 Advanced controller with a modular and scaleable station structure

The modules have high channel density and low parts variance.

  • Set-up
    The fail-safe I/O modules can form part of a mixed operating structure with standard modules.
    They can be connected either directly alongside a CPU or locally via PROFINET/PROFIBUS.
  • Diagnostics
    They offer all necessary monitoring options, e.g. for short-circuits or crossover circuits and channel-discrete detailed diagnostics.
    Identified faults are normally dealt with only by passivizing the affected channel.  

Failsafe applications within hazardous areas

The SIMATIC ET 200iSP distributed I/O system is the economical solution for areas subject to explosion hazards. The intrinsically safe, modular I/O station is particularly flexible and requires minimum engineering, installation and cabling overhead. The SIMATIC ET 200iSP is typically used in production facilities of the process industry and offers optimum integration into PCS 7 and other control systems. The system is suited for direct installation in areas subject to gas or dust explosion hazards, i.e. in Zone 1 and 2 as well as in Zones 21 and 22; sensors and actuators may be located directly in Zones 0 and 20. For the SIMATIC ET 200iSP comprehensive standards and approvals are available.

SIMATIC ET 200 Failsafe I/O without control cabinet (IP65/67)

Modular and multifunctional distributed I/O system with IP65/67 degree of protection

The failsafe modules of ET 200pro can be used to implement the safety-related application requirements as an integral part of the overall automation.

The safety functions required for fail-safe operation are integrated in the modules. The modules can be used for safety circuits up to Cat. 4/ SIL 3.ext. 
Two PROFIsafe modules are available for connecting digital sensors/encoders and/or loads/actuators.

The available F-Switch enables disconnection of standard I/O modules and safe controlling of ET 200pro motor starters in conjunction with the ASM 400 V module

  • Set-up
    The fail-safe I/O modules can form part of a mixed operating structure with standard modules.
    They can be connected either directly alongside a CPU or locally via PROFINET/PROFIBUS.
  • Diagnostics
    They offer all necessary monitoring options, e.g. for short-circuits or crossovers and channel-discrete detailed diagnostics.
    Identified faults are normally dealt with only by passivizing the affected channel.
  • Fail-safe motor starters and frequency converters
    In addition to the fail-safe digital I/O,  the ET 200pro also offers the opportunity of incorporating fail-safe motor starters and frequency converters directly into the station.

Failsafe Block I/O in IP67 degree of protection with PROFINET connection

Compact, very robust, encapsulated  PROFINET periphery as block IO for processing of failsafe digital signals in IP65/67 degree of protection for mounting outside the cabinet and contacting with M12 interface technology.
It allows up to 8 (up to PL d/ SIL 2) resp. 4 (up to PL e/SIL 3) sensors in and three actors (up to PL e/ SIL 3) out to be connected.  Actors are always connected or disconnected on two channels (plus/minus –switched).


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