Safety in every line – Safety Integrated at Rosendahl Nextrom

A comprehensive yet flexible solution helps ensure safe and efficient cable and wire manufacturing machines.
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More stringent safety requirements

Cable and wire manufacturers are always asking for new solutions and technologies, so one of the trademarks of Rosendahl Nextrom is flexibility, be it to develop new markets or to tailor the performance of machines and plants to the specific application – including a comprehensive yet flexible solution for machine safety.

A uniform, standards-based solution for stand-alone machines and complex lines.

Rosendahl Nextrom operates in a market that has strict requirements for system performance and quality, especially in optical fiber manufacturing. In recent years, these demands have been accompanied by a growing concern about safety – and, accordingly, increasingly stringent requirements on this front as well. Consequently, Rosendahl Nextrom has equipped its machines and plants with an integrated, modular, and versatile solution to ensure a safe machine stop in emergency or failure situations, protecting both man and machine from harm.

Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH

Experts in battery, cable and wire, and optical fiber manufacturing

Rosendahl Nextrom is a global leader in battery, cable and wire, and optical fiber manufacturing solutions. The company’s core values – quality, customization, product know-how, and close collaboration with partners – allow it to create optimum solutions in industries ranging from automotive to telecommunications.

Manufacturing solutions for the production of cable and optical fiber

“Ahead of time since 1712” – this statement greets visitors to the company’s headquarters in Pischelsdorf am Kulm in Austria. This is where Rosendahl Nextrom, a company in the Knill Gruppe, develops solutions such as those used in cable and wire and optical fiber manufacturing. Core competencies include extrusion, SZ stranding, and corrugation. From day one the company has been dedicated to creating professional solutions that are perfectly suited to the particular needs of the customer and the application and that are characterized by quality and performance.

The requirements for our solutions are growing continuously – in terms of product quality, efficiency, and performance, and with respect to plant safety.
Siegfried Altmann, CEO, Rosendahl Nextrom
Solution details

An integrated safety solution with Safety Integrated

In its machines and plants, Rosendahl Nextrom uses standardized and integrated solutions based on Siemens components. This allows the company to benefit from Siemens’ broad and versatile portfolio of safety products and systems – including various actuators, sensors, Safety CPUs, and drives – as well as collaboration with an expert partner.

Watch the video to learn how Rosendahl Nextrom implements solutions with Safety Integrated.

Customer benefits

Mastering complexity with safety

Rosendahl Nextrom and Siemens have been working together for years in the field of automation systems. This collaboration has resulted in many innovative concepts – such as the standardized safety solution featuring an extraordinary degree of integration and flexibility.

Safety from A to Z: a comprehensive solution to keep man and machine safe from harm.

Machine safety at Rosendahl Nextrom starts with a safe machine design to prevent injury – for example, by eliminating sharp edges and crush points and by installing mechanical and optical safety components. This design is complemented by advanced measures for a safe stop with SIMATIC F-CPUs and PROFIsafe. Depending on the type of machine and performance level, the company also implements dual-channel monitoring and disconnecting systems. SINAMICS converters enable safe motor control with STO, SS1, and SLS. The entire safety solution is engineered in the TIA PORTAL engineering framework.

The benefits of Safety Integrated are less wiring, simpler implementation even of complex safe-stop functions, and a uniform engineering tool.
Herbert Summerer, R&D Engineer, Rosendahl Nextrom
Safety product highlights

Safety for man and machine

Rosendahl Nextrom benefits from a comprehensive, versatile, and integrated solution for plant and machine safety. Our safety solutions are part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and integrate safety technology in standard automation. The benefits: simpler engineering, less wiring, and safety along the entire value chain.