Safety Consulting

Customized machine safety

Machine safety is a complex, sensitive and cost-intensive topic. Our Safety Consulting service provides tailored answers to your questions and leads you smoothly through a process aimed at ensuring the safety of your machine!

The European Machinery Directive, international standards, safety controllers and drive technology, Industrie 4.0 – functional machine safety is becoming a more and more time-consuming topic which requires highly specialized knowledge. This is where our Safety Consulting service comes into play: We provide you with experienced specialists who support you on site through the whole process – from risk assessment to technical engineering through to the validation of your machine.

We thus lead you to a safe machine in three steps:

Coordinated risk assessment

In a first step, we identify and evaluate together with you exactly the potential hazard points of your machine and jointly assess possible risks – of course with consideration of the specific applicable standards and guidelines. We examine all potential hazards that may occur in the life phases and operating modes of the machine and determine the probability and extent of damage which may be caused by the identified hazards.

Tailored risk reduction

In a next step, we want to minimize the hazardous potential of your machine. Together, we define the necessary technical actions and make you proposals aimed at inherently integrating utmost safety in your machine. We support you in defining, verifying and commissioning the safety functions of your machine and document in detail any possible remaining risks in cooperation with our Solution Partners.

Appropriate validation

And, last but not least, we will be glad to support you in validating your machine. We will closely examine the technical requirements for your machine which have been defined beforehand and perform, if necessary, a functional check of your software. Furthermore, we support you in communication with end customers and, if required, external bodies (e.g. the German Technical Inspectorate TÜV). Comprehensive documentation and verification round off our Safety Consultation service.

Expert know-how ensuring the safety of your machine

For the Safety Consulting service, we cooperate closely with selected Siemens Solution Partners. Each partner is an acknowledged expert in the field of functional machine safety and has acquired not only the necessary knowledge about functional safety standards, but also comprehensive product and system-specific know-how concerning our portfolio.


Rely on our safety experts throughout your whole automation process!

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