Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) from Siemens stands for absolute end-to-end consistency in industrial automation

Totally Integrated Automation from Siemens – Integration³

The world’s leading automation concept stands for absolute end-to-end consistency in three dimensions
TIA explained

Totally Integrated Automation as far as the eye can reach

No matter how the world will continue to change, which future technologies and developments will be relevant tomorrow: All of this is already anticipated today in the TIA offering from Siemens, integrated step by step and turning into real added value for our customers in both the discrete and process industries.

Future-proof to enter new dimensions

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) is an open system architecture and has been enabling the seamless interaction of all automation components, the software involved, and higher-level systems and services since 1996. This is ensured by consistent data management, worldwide standards and uniform interfaces – from the field level to the corporate management level.


End-to-end consistency is not an end in itself, but reduces expenditures, saves time, and enables the step into the next dimension on the path to the digital enterprise with room for future innovations.

Integration³ at a glance

TIA and the power of three

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) stands for complete integration. Hardware, software, and services merge seamlessly and information flows both horizontally and vertically. New technologies are integrated in TIA step by step. The result is real added value across all industries - regardless of the phase of automation or to what degree of digitalization the company is located.


Integration of hardware, software, and services

With all software and hardware components working together smoothly, TIA provides maximum consistency and transparency. The combination of a comprehensive engineering approach, integrated security and safety technologies, communication standards, and data intelligence delivers real added value across the entire value chain. Specific services, from consulting to implementation and optimization, help machine builders and plant operators uncover hidden potential and fully exploit it.


Horizontal and vertical integration

TIA contains the comprehensive digital twin, which is a key component in the digital transformation of any company. The digital twin is fed with data along the entire value chain and thus allows its continuous optimization. Comprehensive data analysis is made possible by consistent, seamless connectivity that interconnects the field and machine levels horizontally and OT and IT vertically. TIA’s openness makes it much simpler to integrate third-party providers’ components in machines as well as integrate new machines in existing lines. Scalable solution packages – the TIA Use Cases – complete the TIA offering. These scalable solution packages  support the implementation of the digital enterprise and demonstrate how future challenges can be overcome quickly and easily.


Integration of future technologies

Whenever new challenges arise, existing functions in the TIA portfolio are expanded to include innovations derived from new technologies such as edge computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, autonomous systems, cognitive engineering, blockchain, and 5G. With TIA, technologies of the future are already anticipated today and integrated step by step – for a secure investment, regardless of the phase in which a company currently finds itself. TIA thus forms the core of a digital enterprise at the exact point where “digital” becomes “real.”


Our plus of integration in practice

The Totally Integrated Automation solutions from Siemens are already successfully in use in many industries. Here’s a selection:

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