Discover concrete benefits from TIA and digitalization today

Start your way to Industrie 4.0

TIA digitalization use cases will show you how you can master tomorrow’s challenges today. Specific scenarios reveal how quickly and confidently you can implement digitalization in the TIA environment.

Integrated Engineering

Parallelization of development

TIA enables end-to-end engineering, from the mechanical design to electrical layout and automation, which reduces costs as well as time and effort.
Industrial Communication

Transparency without borders

Transparency is vital at every level, which is why TIA relies on end-to-end consistency with powerful communications networks. There are no language barriers thanks to international, multi-vendor, and platform-independent standards for horizontal and vertical communication through to the cloud.
Industrial Security

Reliably protecting productivity

TIA strictly relies on integrated security and defense mechanisms, ensuring that machines and plant are as safe as possible despite increased networking and open standards – all to protect your productivity.
Data Intelligence

Turn data into valuable insights

TIA creates the basis for recording, analyzing, and processing data. The transparency that’s gained, along with the latest technologies like AI, turns data into knowledge.
Digital Industry Services

The optimal way to the digital enterprise

Digital Industry Services for TIA help businesses with the digital transformation and enable them to improve overall equipment effectiveness and their resource and maintenance management. This opens up the way toward the future of the digital world, step by step.

TIA Selection Tool

Product selection and configurator for TIA automation technology

Thanks to the use of intelligent configurators and selection assistants, the TIA Selection Tool makes error-free configuration possible without expert knowledge. The tool is available in a desktop or cloud version, enabling you to work across team boundaries with maximum flexibility. The combination of TIA Portal and the TIA Selection Tool ensures that your planning and engineering processes are consistent.