Comprehensive Building Automation and Control with APOGEE™

APOGEE offers outstanding scalability and consistent system openness with a wide range of freely programmable PXC Building Controllers and Supervisors for primary plants. The modular concept makes PXC Controllers the perfect match for projects of any size, from the simplest air handlers to the most complex boilers and chillers. Designed with comprehensive management, supervisory and system capabilities, PXC Controllers satisfy all your building automation and control needs, now and into the future.

Featuring Easy Integration and Flexible Extensions

Featuring Easy Integration and Flexible Extensions

The flexible, scalable and open controllers satisfy all building and application needs. They can be easily adapted to future changes and offer the highest reliability, thus ensuring maximum value.

Service and Quick Reference Guides

The Siemens Field Support team provides full technical support. Our Quick Reference Guides include more detailed product information and related links.