Siemens Solutions Lead To Total Room Automation

Total Room Automation for simplified sustainability

A single system for controlling HVAC, lights, and shades, our Total Room Automation maximizes performance and energy savings for significant bottom-line results throughout the life of a building.

Gain Total Room Automation with Single DXR Controller

The Desigo DXR family of controllers provides an innovative and competitive offering for HVAC room control. Out of the box, each DXR controller contains standard preloaded and configurable applications to support Variable Air Volume, Constant Volume, Fan Coil, Unit Vent, Heat Pump, Chilled Beam, and Dual Duct applications, as well as Total Room Automation (TRA). TRA is a competitive differentiator by offering a unique solution to control HVAC, Lights, and Shades with one single automation device, the Desigo DXR controller.

Features at a Glance

  • BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP communication
  • Dual Ethernet ports for cost optimized BACnet/IP daisy chain installations
  • Flexible and highly configurable applications to meet customer requirements
  • Fully programmable to meet unique sequences of operations
  • QMX room units feature Green Leaf functionality for one-touch return to energy efficient settings
  • Multiple and flexible Operational Modes (Pre-Comfort, Comfort, Economy, and Protection)
  • Applications compliant with the latest ASHRAE energy standards and codes
  • Compliant with California Title 24

All of these functions are built into the standard Desigo DXR Controller. They are highly flexible to meet your customer’s needs.

  • Room functions for HVAC: Fan coil, unit vent, VAV, CV, heat pump, chilled beam and dual duct
  • Room functions for lighting: Manual control, occupancy/vacancy control, daylight harvesting, constant brightness control
  • Room functions for shading: Manual control, glare protection or solar tracking, shadow tracking
  • Room coordination functions: Presence detection, scene control, Green Leaf, etc.
  • Central functions for all disciplines: Supply chain coordination (e.g., duct pressure reset), etc.

PL-Link Sensors and Room Units

Siemens PL-Link sensors and room units are designed specifically for use with our DXR room controllers. Installation is quick and easy with a simple two-wire connection between the room device and the controller.

Service and Quick Reference Guides

The Siemens Field Support team provides full technical support. Our Quick Reference Guides include more detailed product information and related links.