Desigo CC for Data Centers

An integrated building management system that provides complete command, control & optimization of your data center facility infrastructure.

Bridge OT & IT for seamless system integration into one single platform

Your data center contains a myriad of systems to keep operations stable and online. Challenges can arise when building controls such as lighting, fire, power and security are managed by teams and platforms separate from those managed by IT operations. This can lead to disparate reporting from disconnected systems and ultimately resulting in decisions made without the greater operation in mind. Desigo CC solves for these disconnects within your data center while introducing a platform dedicated to streamlining systems for a scalable future.

What is Desigo CC?

Siemens Desigo CC is an integrated building management system (IBMS) designed to integrate with standard global communications protocols such as BACnet, OPC, Modbus, IEC61850, SNMP, ONVIF & APIs, allowing for flexible and scalable management of all critical aspects of your data center.


Desigo CC makes it easy to operate, monitor, optimize and manage your data center facility across fire and security, cooling, and power, while providing integrations for expandability into DCIM (Siemens datacenter Clarity LC) and cloud-based monitoring.

What to expect from Desigo CC

With Desigo CC at the heart of your data center operation, you can expect:

  • Scalability with north and southbound integrations with DCIM, ITSM, Navigator FDD, and 3rd party systems
  • Analytics providing you the ability to collect, visualize, and compare trending data. Additionally, enjoy the flexibility of composing and configuring your own custom reports and dashboards for optimal performance
  • Alarms & Notifications with capabilities to detect, reset or suppress faults and alarms. Send automatic remote notifications while developing procedure to escalate alarms to designated individuals.
  • Integrate and automate building controls such as HVAC, fire, power, security and more - all within one platform.
  • Optimization capabilities through available extension modules such as PowerManager or Thermal Optimization - leveraging a cohesive system for optimizing power, cooling, or both!

How can we help you?

Reach out to a Siemens representative to learn more and to schedule a Desigo CC demo today!