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Building Cybersecurity

Enhance your building security and protect your infrastructure Operational Technology (OT) with our holistic solutions and expertise.

Don't let your building get hacked

Cyber threats against smart buildings are on the rise. 38 percent of smart buildings have been impacted by a cyberattack (source: Kaspersky report). In most of these events, hackers gained access by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the building automation system. The adoption of smart building technology that connects building Operational Technology to IT systems and IoT devices has exponentially increased buildings’ exposure to cyber criminals. It's time to get more security conscious. Building designers, owners, and operators need to develop strategies that strengthen building automation system security to avoid getting hacked. Siemens offers holistic solutions with a key focus on closing gaps in building automation network protocols to strengthen building cybersecurity.
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Bridging the cybersecurity gap in buildings

This e-book provides an overview of the key steps building stakeholders can leverage to build a cybersecurity strategy. Each chapter includes important considerations at various stages of implementation. Learn how you can improve your smart building cybersecurity today.

Converging IT and OT for smarter buildings

The convergence of technologies is not a new concept, but it is evolving and making its way through the technology stack. Advances in technology enable the digital information environment to monitor, analyze, and influence the physical operational environment. Historically, IT and OT have occupied entirely separate domains and shared little or no meaningful data or control. Even though they both use IP connected equipment, IT and OT devices do not behave exactly the same on the network. More than ever before, successful business outcomes and environmental objectives depend on the convergence of IT and OT, and the demand for “smarter buildings” is bringing the two domains together.

OT Network Security

The new standard in cybersecurity – BACnet Secure Connect

BACnet, the leading building automation protocol, has released a new data link, BACnet/SC, as part of the standard. BACnet/SC brings cybersecurity and IT acceptance to Operational Technology (OT) networks. It adds an encryption layer to communication and requires device authentication using certificates, which makes OT networks less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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Solutions to strengthen your building's cybersecurity

Siemens comprehensive building automation and control systems are the are the benchmark for building cybersecurity. We provide an industry-first, complete BACnet/SC solution to enhance your facility's cybersecurity.
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Siemens can help secure your building

We can help you conduct a cybersecurity assessment of your current infrastructure, configuration and identify any security issues to address, and provide suggestions to improve building cybersecurity. Learn more about how you can leverage our expertise by scheduling your assessment today.

Building Cybersecurity Resources

Cybersecurity is a moving target. What is safe and secure today may not be tomorrow. This is especially true for building technologies. Today’s building market trends, such as IoT, cloud connection and IT/OT network convergence, put the need for cybersecurity front and center. No longer just the concern of IT professionals, cyber threats can impact anyone in the building automation industry. Reference the quick list of resources below for further information.