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As building systems become more complex, it becomes increasingly challenging to operate, monitor and maintain buildings in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Siemens building automation system experts can help to understand the building system's current health and identify areas of improvement. This information can be used to optimize building system performance and identify potential reductions in operating costs.  We offer a variety of services such as: site audits, Desigo CC migration planning, cybersecurity assessment and custom services tailored to meet your project goals. 

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Site Audits for Building Automation and Security SiPass Systems

A Site Audit provides a detailed analysis of the current configuration of your Siemens Building Automation or SiPass security system. This includes identifying any underlying issues or concerns that should be addressed along with suggestions on how to improve system posture.


This comprehensive service accomplishes the following goals:

  • Understand current status of building management system health and obtain a holistic picture of the system in real time using data aggragation
  • Decode data and identify critical shortcomings in configuration and processes
  • Prioritize improvement initiatives through expert guidance
  • Establish a baseline, schedule and deliverables to measure the impact of future changes

A system expert will visit the customer location, or remotely connect, to audit the current landscape of the building management system and develop an improvement program that, if implemented, can lead to an optimized performance of the system, in combination with potentially reduced operating costs.


The system expert assesses current system performance by gathering data, carrying out an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the systems. The thorough analysis includes analyzing the network, workstation, controllers and end devices. The system expert then meets with system operators and surveys users of the building systems to document outages, configuration issues, and operational concerns.


Site audits can encompass: system-wide overview; network integrity; database integrity and/or best practices. 


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Desigo CC Migration Planning

Desigo CC Migration Planning is designed to manage the complexity of migrating from APOGEE Insight to Desigo CC. We can help ensure a seamless transition of systems. Migration to Desigo CC is essential in providing a better platform to adopt emerging technologies and helps establishes the foundation for a future-forward path to a smart building. Insight will be retired effective January 31, 2022.  Our experts have extensive migration experience and can apply this knowledge to lead a successful migration for your organization.


Our experts will examine current configurations, infrastructure and hardware on site. We will coordinate with stakeholders to provide a clear and concise migration path. Planning assistance can include: 

  • Desigo CC sizing and licenses, Distribution Configuration
  • Point naming standardization
  • Client configuration
  • Hardware and firmware upgrade requirements
  • EM requirements
  • Driver and user view configuration
  • Remote SQL configuration
  • Supporting documentation

Contact us to further discuss your migration needs. 

Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Security assessments provide you with a detailed analysis of your current security configuration of the system and identify any issues that should be addressed and provide suggestions to improve the system security posture.  Our security assessment is based on the Department of Defense Risk Management Framework.  Areas assessed include: 

  • Site policies
  • Patch management
  • Training
  • System configuration
  • Physical security
  • User accounts and privileges
  • Authentication
  • Backup and system recovery
  • Data protection

Leveraging Siemens technical experts for Siemens building automation systems helps to accomplish the following goals:

  • Assess building controls system are compliant with a site’s policies and procedures
  • Review the Account Management structure to ensure Least Privilege concept is implemented
  • Ensure system patching policy is in place to reduce risk
  • Ensure a sound Disaster Recovery process is established to expedite recovery of the building automation system in case of an incident
  • Ensure system setting (OS, application) comply with the site’s policies and or NIST 800-53 RF
  • Identify the communication structure of the building automation system
  • Ensure critical system components are physically protected from unauthorized access
  • Ensure proper procedures are in place to protect building automation system data

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Contract Service

Our technical support experts offer a variety of additional services either remotely or onsite. 

When you need specific assistance, we're here to help. Projects can include but are not limited to: 

  • Dedicated troubleshooting
  • System upgrades
  • Retired product support such as Desigo CC older versions, Insight, InfoCenter, etc.
  • Advanced product training
  • Customer meeting presentations

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