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Experience outstanding scalability and consistent system openness with a wide range of freely programmable building controllers and supervisors for primary plants. Siemens building automation controllers are the perfect match for projects of any size, from the simplest air handlers to the most complex boilers and chillers. Designed with comprehensive management, supervisory and system capabilities, discover controllers that satisfy all your building automation needs today and tomorrow.

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Cybersecurity is a moving target. What is safe and secure today may not be tomorrow. This is especially true for building technologies. Today’s building automation trends, such as IoT, cloud connection and IT/OT network convergence, put the need for cybersecurity front and center. No longer just the concern of IT professionals, cyber threats can impact anyone involved in building automation systems. Discover how Siemens provides a holistic approach to cybersecurity to protect your buildings and people from cyber attacks.

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As building systems become more complex, ensure you operate, monitor and maintain your building in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Rely on our building automation system experts to help.

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