Building Automation Controllers

Siemens open and scalable building automation controllers

Open and scalable controllers for complete facility management.

Experience outstanding scalability and consistent system openness with a wide range of freely programmable building controllers and supervisors for primary plants. Siemens controllers are the perfect match for projects of any size, from the simplest air handlers to the most complex boilers and chillers. Designed with comprehensive management, supervisory and system capabilities, discover controllers that satisfy all your building automation needs now and into the future.

Essential for building system integration

Building automation controllers can operate as standalone units or be networked to perform complex control, monitoring and energy management for HVAC equipment in a wide choice of models to match the needs of any application.

Compact Automation Controllers

Freely programmable compact controllers for HVAC and building services are perfectly matched for small to medium size plants. These controllers feature many options to satisfy building automation needs, including supervised and routed MSTP networks, HMIs, I/O expansion and integration. All compact controller models are BTL listed as B-BC.

Modular Automation Controllers

High performance, freely programmable, modular automation controllers provide maximum scalability, integration and reliable building operation. All modular controller models are BTL listed as B-BC with direct control of up to 500 I/O points by adding TX I/O modules.

  • Optional supervision of up to 96 devices 
  • Expandable up to 500 points
  • Supports BACnet IP
  • Supports third-party integration
  • Select models for DC power options

TX – I/O Modules

Add modules for power and communication including: TX-I/O point modules, power supply, bus connection, expansion and interface modules.


  • High flexibility through distributed I/O’s
  • I/O module range for measuring, reporting, switching, setting, and metering
  • Support for all HVAC-typical signals
  • Compact DIN design
  • Modules with and without manual override
  • LCD status display for quick troubleshooting

Achieve your building performance goals

Our network of Siemens field offices and solution partners are standing by to help you leverage best-in-class building management solutions to address your toughest building challenges.  We’ve carefully constructed our service network and the APOGEE and TALON building automation systems to serve a broad array of customers. Our brands are exclusively managed and maintained through defined channels to provide you the right choice for your organization.  Learn more about our network and how we can best serve you. 

Featuring Easy Integration and Flexible Extensions

The flexible, scalable and open controllers satisfy all building and application needs. They can be easily adapted to future changes and offer the highest reliability, thus ensuring maximum value.

Realize maximum value with Siemens building automation controllers

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