Desigo Building Automation Controllers

New labor-saving controllers with superior flexibility and intuitive engineering

Designed to integrate with a full range of open building automation platforms, including Desigo Optic's FIN Framework, the Desigo PXC family of controllers deliver increased data processing power and memory to quickly transform buildings into IoT-enabled high-performing buildings. The Desigo PXC controller family, including the PXC4, PXC5, and PXC7 offer flexible control and intuitive engineering with the single, easy-to-use ABT Site commissioning tool which enables faster engineering and commissioning to operate building automation systems more efficiently. With pre-configured application libraries, you can engineer and commission Desigo Automation PXCs faster, with less coding, to transform buildings in days, not weeks. Discover the power of Desigo PXCs to unlock inefficiencies, improve decision-making and sharpen building operations.

Desigo PXC_Building Automation Controllers for Building Automation Systems

Tackle challenges and transform buildings in days, not weeks

The new Desigo PXC controllers allow you to easily tackle building automation challenges and transform facilities into IoT-enabed high-performing buildings. These buildings need to intelligently connect field devices, enable quick and easy engineering, be flexible and expandable to meet your building’s needs, and be open and cyber secure at the same time to provide all the information necessary to optimally manage a building. Discover how you can get started with Desigo building automation.

Case Study

Desigo Automation PXC4 controllers avoid equipment downtime and achieve new levels of control

In Denver, Colorado, Lowell 17 provides critical mechanical and HVAC maintenance services for an eight-story, mixed-use medical building. “Because these are healthcare facilities, we do 100% outside air, which can be tricky given how the seasons change here. So, good controls that are reliable and keep our equipment up and running – that’s essential. We cannot afford any downtime,” says Mike Spratt, Lead Building Engineer. By partnering with Holbrook Service and relying on Siemens PXC4 controllers, Lowell 17 can make the building work the way they need it to.

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This project took us about half the time because of the custom saved library.
David Carpenter, Controls Manager | Holbrook Service
System benefits

Features and functionalities for high energy efficiency

The Desigo PXC controllers bring a broad range of new functionalities.
Portfolio at a glance

Discover the Desigo PXC controllers

The new generation of Desigo automation controllers offer a wide range of benefits for automating small to large-sized buildings. The portfolio consists of the modular PXC7, designed for large, complex applications, the PXC4 for HVAC plants and the Desigo PXC5 for system functions and integration.

Desigo PXC7 controller

The Desigo PXC7 is a high performance, freely programmable, modular automation controller that provides maximum flexibility, intuitive engineering and secure building operation. The PXC7 can supervise over 200 devices and supports a combined total of up to 650 TX-I/O and Modbus points making it ideal for a broad range of buildings, including larger, complex facilities. There are up to four BACnet MSTP sub-nets onboard and a dual port ethernet switch that enables additional networking flexibility. An onboard web UI is accessible through the network or a secure local wireless connection. Graphical block programming simplifies and streamlines workflows, enabling you accomplish more in less time. The PXC7 allows for third-party BACnet integration and supports BACnet IP as well as BACnet Secure Connect keeping your building secure and you in control.

Desigo PXC4 BACnet controller

The Desigo PXC4 controller is designed as a compact device with 16 onboard I/Os that can be expanded to a maximum of 40 IOs with additional TX-I/O modules. TX-I/O modules can be directly connected or installed on another location by island bus. The PXC4 has an integrated power supply for up to 4 TX-I/O modules and an RS485 port used for Modbus RTU. You can add as many devices as you like, either on RTU or TCP, up to a limit of 40 Modbus data points. The hardware is ready for future connection of KNX devices by simply installing a firmware update. 

Desigo PXC4 Small BACnet controller

Introducing Desigo PXC4 Small, the smallest family member in the next generation of automation for efficient control of HVAC plants. This cost-effective controller with plenty of I/Os is the optimal solution for small plants needs. It's the right choice for you if 3rd party integration is not required.

Desigo PXC5

The PXC5 is a freely programmable controller used for BACnet system-level functions like alarm routing, system-wide scheduling and trending, and device supervision. It also comes with a web interface for generic datapoint commanding. Two RS485 ports can be configured as either BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU, and Modbus TCP devices can also be integrated. Integration of up to 500 Modbus data points is included. The hardware is ready for future connection of KNX and Mbus devices by simply installing a firmware update.

Desigo TX-I/O modules

Increase the size of the PXC4 by adding today's range TX-I/O point modules, which come in various point sizes and point types. Many are offered with an optional HOA. Modules can be directly connected to the PXC4 or installed on another rail.

Exclusive to Desigo Automation is a new combination module -- 4 digital ins and 3 relays -- to increase the flexibility of the Desigo Automation system even more.

ABT Site – A single tool that maximizes efficiency

It’s the perfect match for the Desigo PXC controllers: Our ABT Site enables you to realize high-performing buildings. It allows to plan, engineer, install, commission, and operate highly reliable and efficient building automation systems. It's a single, license-free tool that provides an intuitive user-experience to get things done easier, faster, and more reliably.

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3-Step Blueprint to Transform Your Building into a Smart, Energy Efficient Asset 

Transforming your building into a smart, productive, and energy efficient asset has never been more important. With building automation devices, controls and software, you’ll benefit from increased building productivity, greater profitability, improved sustainability, as well as increased tenant health and satisfaction.

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Desigo PXC_Building Automation Controllers for Building Automation Systems

Desigo PXC controllers seamlessly integrate with Desigo Optic

With Desigo PXC controllers and Desigo Optic, you’ll improve data access and visibility for better real-time decision making.

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