Desigo Building Automation Solutions

Rely on room units and sensors that enhance occupant comfort and productivity while optimizing system efficiency.

Desigo offers a broad range of room units and sensors that enable your HVAC control system to deliver cost savings exceeding 20%. Options vary from basic temperature sensors to advanced multi-function devices that combine temperature, humidity  and CO2 measurement into a single unit.

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Expect more from your smart building.

Desigo Building Automation provides robust features that help you address key building challenges:

  • Cybersecure — Protect your building infrastructure Operational Technology (OT) with our holistic approach and  expertise.
  • Remote data access — Achieve more with simplified, anytime-anywhere access.
  • Desigo Optic Edge2Cloud — Benefit from secure, encrypted remote access to real-time data.
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Utility Savings

Learn how Desigo Optic open building management software helped Memphis' Renasant Convention Center achieve a 30% reduction in chilled water requirements despite adding square footage and thermal load.

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Time Savings

Learn how Desigo Automation PXC Controllers helped Lowell 17 and Holbrook Service take the next step in building automation control.

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Improve data access and visibility for better real-time decision making.

Desigo Optic is a simple, powerful and scalable software solution for visualizing and controlling building automation systems. Powered by FIN Framework, Desigo Optic redefines what an open platform should be by applying Haystack native semantic tagging for seamless data harmonization and quick access to critical building information -- streamlining workflows by 33%.

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New labor-saving controllers with superior flexibility and intuitive engineering

Designed to integrate with a full range of open building automation platforms, including Desigo Optic's FIN Framework, the Desigo PXC family of controllers deliver increased data processing power and memory to quickly transform buildings into IoT-enabled high-performing buildings. 

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