Desigo PXC_Building Automation Controllers for Building Automation Systems

Enabling patient care, recovery, and healing with PXC4 controllers.

Lowell 17 and Holbrook Service take the next step in building automation control with the new Desigo Automation PXC Controllers.
Case Study

Lowell 17 and Holbrook Service

In Denver, Colorado, Lowell 17 provides mechanical and HVAC maintenance services for an eight-story, mixed-use medical building that provides community health services along with long-term care and rehabilitation services. For this medical building, specialized applications require even more specialized implementations, which why Lowell 17’s controls partner, Holbrook Service, recommended the new Desigo PXC4 controllers.
 We have to maintain this building for our tenants under contract and for health and safety standards. So, when you have something that’s quick and easy to install, you just can’t put a price on that.” 
Mike Spratt, Lead Building Engineer | Lowell 17

Better control for patients

Holbrook Service depends on the Desigo PXC4 controllers for a variety of applications. Deciding factors in their selection of this solution for Lowell 17 include:

  • Modular – The PXC4 comes with 16 onboard points with the ability to add modules up to 40 total points based on what the site and customer need.
  • Block programming – The PXC4 offers significantly faster, more efficient, easier programming compared to competitive controllers.
  • Live downloads and program changes – Downloads and program changes can happen in real time without rebooting or cycling equipment, which reduces equipment downtime and is particularly important in medical facilities like this one.
 If you’re not looking at the PXC4, you’re missing out. It’s not just a superior product for the end user, but it’s also significantly less effort. The combined savings of lower material costs plus 50% faster engineering times is powerful.”
David Carpenter, Controls Manager | Holbrook Service

Transforming buildings into high performance buildings

Desigo PXC4 controllers transform buildings into high-performance buildings. PXC4s intelligently connect field devices, enabling quick and easy engineering and providing all the information necessary to optimally manage a building. And, because they’re designed with flexibility and security in mind, these controllers let you plan, engineer, install, commission, and operate highly reliable and efficient building automation systems.

Desigo PXC_Building Automation Controllers for Building Automation Systems

Taking the next step in building automation control with the new Desigo Automation PXC4 controllers

The new Desigo PXC4 controller has helped the new eight-story, mixed-use medical building in Denver operated by Lowell 17, become a healthcare facility better able to provide patient care, recovery and healing.


Mike Spratt, the Lead  Building Engineer, explains that in a medical building, maintaining building controls and pressurization is especially critical to creating safe, healthy operations for patients and providers alike. “Because these are healthcare facilities, we do 100% outside air, which can be tricky in given how the seasons change here. So, good controls that are reliable and keep our equipment up and running – that’s essential. We cannot afford any downtime,” he says.


Lowell 17 has been impressed with the new Desigo PXC4 controllers, in large part because of the built-in flexibility that lets them adapt to what their tenants and accreditation organizations require.“With the PXC4, we can size them for exactly what we need, and if things change, we have options to add modules so our tenants can maintain their accreditation,” Spratt explains.