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Creating “pandemic-ready” isolation rooms at the touch of a button.

XL Automation relies on a range of Siemens field devices, including the newest generation of Desigo Automation controller: the Desigo PXC4.
Case Study

XL Automation Solutions

In Bangor, Maine, XL Automation Solutions has proudly served its customers for 20 years, helping to ensure the comfort and safety of building occupants with healthy environments and leading-edge building automation solutions. In 2021, a project came up with a local hospital customer for which the new Desigo PXC4 controller was ideally suited.

Emergency capacity without the cost

XL Automation’s customer wanted to prepare 18 patient rooms to be ‘pandemic-ready’ isolation rooms at the touch of a button. It’s a complex process with four VAVs on a single controller that need to work together with a high degree of customized sequencing that can convert a ward from a typical VAV application to a very specific negative pressure application.


According to XL Automation, only the PXC4 and its unmatched flexibility with expandable I/Os would be able to meet the unique needs of the hospital. For the hospital it meant having the pandemic-ready capacity without adding wings or hospital tents, conserving funds and optimizing their existing space in the process. "We did make some mechanical changes that allowed our rooms to have the best airflow in order to protect our patients and our staff," says the president of the leading Maine healthcare organization where the improvements were made.

The Desigo Automation PXC4 controller made [this project] a cinch. It’s something we could not have accomplished with any other controller.”
Matthew Swan, Lead Programmer I XL Automation

About the Desigo Automation PXC4 BACnet controller

Desigo Automation PXC4 controllers transform buildings into high-performance assets. PXC4s intelligently connect field devices, enabling quick and easy engineering and providing all the information necessary to manage a building. And, because they are designed with flexibility and security in mind, these controllers let you plan, engineer, install, commission, and operate highly reliable and efficient building automation systems.

The Desigo PXC4 helps us provide the safety, security, and comfort our clients need now and in the future at the level they expect, rather than being stuck within an application that can only get us so far.” 
Nicole Niles, Automation General Manager I XL Automation

Optimizing a healthcare campus to be as healthy, comfortable, and safe as possible

The Desigo PXC4 controllers give XL Automation the freedom they need to efficiently tackle a wide range of building automation challenges and applications in ways that create IoT-enabled, high-performing buildings. For this latest project the PXC4 controller is used to manage a variety of critical systems throughout the healthcare campus.
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The fact that Siemens has been the same type of partner for us that we have been to our customers is crucial. The PXC4 controller is one more part of this legacy that’s growing our reputation and relationship with both Siemens and our customers. It’s a game changer for us in the long-term, and we’re excited for where it can go in the future.”
Nicole Niles, Automation General Manager I XL Automation

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