Critical Environment Controls

Precise airflow and pressurization keep critical environments safe

Siemens Critical Environment solutions easily integrate into your building automation system and are especially designed for room pressure control, ventilation and general extractions, laboratory fume hood control, and room air conditioning.

Optimizing lab operations

Our experts understand critical environment spaces and their regulations inside and out, often serving on the committees that develop codes and standards. We combine this unmatched expertise with industry-leading, flexible technology that’s engineered to meet your specific needs as well as the most-demanding life safety requirements.

Lab/Room Pressurization and Airflow

Our industrial-grade airflow measurement and pressurization control solutions for laboratories and critical rooms are pre-packaged and easy to install. Features include:

  • True airflow measurement
  • Fast-acting or standard electronic actuation
  • Multiple sizes and configurations to match critical environment supply and exhaust duct requirements
  • Material and coating options for highly corrosive environments
  • Venturi Air Valve or Terminal (damper blade) package options

Fume Hood Control

Our patented standalone Direct Digital Control (DDC) System for Variable Air Volume (VAV) control is the proven choice for laboratory fume hoods. Features include:

  • Uses true exhaust flow measurement to monitor safe operation and provide fine flow control
  • Provides constant face velocity
  • Maintains programmed minimum exhaust flow
  • Uses PID closed-loop control for all control devices
  • Supports damper, VFD and Venturi Air Valve control devices, DP or linear flow measurement

Room Condition Monitors

You can rely on our room condition monitors for critical low-differential pressure applications that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming. The Room Condition Monitors:


  • Provide true pressure measurement in both positive and negative application settings
  • Send alarms when the pressure is going out of compliance
  • Can also monitor other environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity
  • Support multiple rooms at the same time

Integral controls optimize lab operations

Total Room Automation involves control of a lab’s HVAC systems and requires the implementation of DXR controllers and Desigo™ CC for the lab’s building automation and management system. No field integration is required to provide common control for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, or shades, and lab managers only need to learn and be trained on one system for optimal operations. Learn more about how a complete building automation solution can help improve overall safety, productivity and energy efficiency.

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