Cybersecurity for smart buildings

Cybersecurity for smart buildings

Protect your building infrastructure Operational Technology (OT) with our holistic approach and  expertise.

Cybersecurity for smart buildings

Smart buildings are changing the way we live and work. And with new opportunities come new challenges, such as protecting buildings, organizations and people from cyber attacks. The Internet of Things and increased connectivity can make buildings vulnerable to cyberattacks, if not adequately protected. A holistic approach to cybersecurity is essential for building owners and operators. Discover how Siemens’ approach to cybersecurity can help you keep every aspect of your organization secure.

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How can we keep people, data and buildings safe and secure?

Explore the top five cybersecurity trends shaping the future of smart buildings and the measures being taken to address these challenges. 

 BACnet Secure Connect: A Game Changer for Building Automation 

Webinar and white paper

Cybersecurity is a moving target. What is safe and secure today may not be tomorrow. This is especially true for building technologies. Today’s building market trends, such IoT, cloud connection and IT/OT network convergence, put the need for cybersecurity front and center. No longer just the concern of IT professionals, cyber threats can impact anyone in the building automation industry. The question how cybersecurity can be best addressed is critical. For those who own, operate or design smart buildings, a new technology is being created and standardized. In our 2021 webinar, experts explain BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet S/C) and why it is a game changer for the building automation industry!

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Cybersecurity is a moving target. What is safe and secure today, may not be tomorrow. This is especially true for building technologies. Smart buildings and increased connectivity have shaped the demand for secure, easy to install solutions. From the latest developments in building protocols such as BACnet Secure Connect, through to IT best practices and easy integration with existing IT infrastructure - our experts are ready to help. Follow our cybersecurity updates and learn how to keep your building network secure.

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We can help conduct a security assessment of your current infrastructure and configuration and identify any issues to address and provide suggestions to improve the system security posture. Learn more about conducting a cybersecurity assessment and schedule your assessment today.