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Maximize your building performance

Desigo CC is the technology backbone for your smart building infrastructure by providing an open, powerful and up-to-date platform to increase comfort, efficiency, resiliency and safety. Desigo CC is modular and flexible, to grow with building management requirements of any facility. It has never been easier to transform to smart building technology that interacts with occupants, learn and adapt to changing needs to achieve the perfect outcome.

Building X cloud-based smart building software platform with apps and artificial intelligence

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There’s no better time than today to begin or accelerate your digital journey to a smarter building. Our latest ebook, Digitalize Your Building with Desigo CC is a great place to start. It’s your guide to Desigo CC, our open-platform, modular and multi-discipline software solution that delivers smart building management and maximizes performance for state-of-the-art operation and monitoring. Learn how it can take your infrastructure to a new level of peak performance.


Desigo CC is at the core of smart buildings

Desigo CC unifies your entire building management operations into a single platform for optimized performance and enhanced insights. It is backwards compatible and integrates various systems and devices, automates processes and is scalable and flexible to meet the requirements of any building or project size. The intelligent building management platform is easy to engineer and enables a wide variety of systems to communicate and interoperate cohesively via centralized command and control to accelerate workflows and centralize access to data.

The essence of true innovation

State-of-the-art platform

NEW Blog: Harness the power of the Desigo CC Ecosystem

With the creation of its own ecosystem, Desigo CC building management software has become more than just a command-and-control and building environmental data program. It’s a platform that creates a whole world of insight and management for your facility through collaborations and connections with multiple partners. Read more at the Building Technologies Blog Center.

All disciplines on a single platform

Desigo CC is fully modular, scalable and extendable to always meet your requirements.

You have one system to install, program, control, and maintain. Its open architecture meets your needs today and adapts easily to building changes or additional applications tomorrow. Advanced interaction between different subsystems – from HVAC and lighting to power, fire safety, and security – improves safety and occupant comfort. At the same time, you’ll be able to enhance efficiency and optimize building operations.


Click on each tab to learn more about the advantages of an integrated multi-discipline solution. 

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

  • Continuous operation for optimum comfort and energy usage
  • Coordination of elements to create and monitor healthy room environments
  • Simple, immediate system integration thanks to open design
  • Extensive data analysis improves performance

Fire Safety

  • Maximum safety and protection of people and assets
  • Ideal, regardless of application size and complexity
  • Easy and intuitive to operate
  • State-of-the-art applications such as alarm handling


As a security management station, Desigo CC provides the full breadth of application support for ensuring safety for lives, properties, and facilities. The user interface, coupled with event-oriented workflows and secured communication, makes this the perfect tool for security. It combines workflows in access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance, improves operational safety, and lowers training costs. The open platform design of the application means Desigo CC supports a variety of communication protocols and IT standards, so customers get the exact security capabilities they want. 


The expansive capabilities and features of Desigo CC include:

  • Visualize and handle events (acknowledge, silence, and reset)
  • Graphically monitor and control security systems
  • Know where to start as the highest-priority events are highlighted
  • Directly navigate (with just one click) to the triggering element of an event
  • Quickly navigate to custom operator instructions and graphical display of event locations
  • Distribute access, video, and intrusion monitoring and control capabilities across a network of Desigo CC management clients
  • Provide Operating Procedure checklists to guide the operator, under stressful conditions, in handling significant events
  • Display multiple video streams
  • Send out automatic remote notifications via email, SMS, and pagers
  • Include and exclude (isolate/de-isolate) system devices
  • View and schedule automatic history reports
  • Provide “Ready To Arm” check for Intrusion


Desigo CC also integrates with other security services and applications, such as Siemens’ SiPass and Siveillance Suite or third-party solutions. These security capabilities quickly extend can extend the capabilities of Desigo CC’s security management. They can identify dangerous situations and help initiate the correct measures. This is due to the unified user interface, enabling a harmonized workflow and alarm processing. For example, as soon as a security event occurs, the Siveillance Video management system documents the event within the software. Operators see the live image that is recorded on the monitor. For access control events, SiPass integrated recognizes and grants permission to authorized individuals for entry and conversely alerts when unauthorized individuals attempt access.


  • Balance energy consumption while ensuring occupant comfort
  • Manage power generation, storage, distribution, and consumption
  • Manage maintenance cycles
  • Set alarms for specific events

Desigo CC powermanager unifies electrical power monitoring and building automation to increase visibility and transparency of critical data to lower maintenance costs; achieve energy savings; increase equipment lifespan and improve occupant comfort.  A simple, intuitive interface provides easy acess to key electrical characteristics of all power distribution equipment. 

Desigo CC powermanager provides more in-depth power quality and reliability management: 

  • Digital representation of the power system with quick, easy visualization of real-time and historical data for every device
  • Quick overviews for easy monitoring, problem detection and fast decisions
  • Visualize the power profiles of various loads over time to assist in validation of energy costs
  • Create virtual devices and KPI's to create value data within the system
  • Link virtual meters to data points from digital inputs from power meters or from other Desigo CC value inputs such as gas, water, steam or any consumption value

No other application supports the depth of integration available with Desigo CC powermanager. Having power management as an extension of building management software saves on hardware costs, software licenses as well as on commissioning time -- all while making  a building smarter. Combing both mechanical and electrical system management into a single platform brings greater visibility to more stakeholders for better building operations and strategic management.


  • Integrated with shading to create advanced lighting control
  • Optimal levels ensure occupant comfort
  • Minimizing artificial lighting increases energy efficiency
  • Turns data into concrete actions to save energy costs

Third-party integration

  • Flexible platform design supports full integration and engineering of third-party systems
  • Variety of integrations natively supported from elevator objects to room booking systems
  • Request or exchange applications and extensions with the Desigo CC Ecosystem

Siemens and Dell Technologies join forces for integrated building automation with high-performance infrastructure

Siemens and Dell Technologies OEM Solutions recently collaborated on a Desigo CC installation at a critical facility for one large corporate customer in the northeastern U.S. Desigo CC provides the client a cyber-secure smart building solution for building automation that converges multiple networks. Dell assisted with the hardware platform design, fulfillment, configuration, installation, implementation, security verification and end state install onto the customer’s floor.


Expand your building management system

Desigo CC ecosystem of applications

Desigo CC’s open design enables a global community of developers, partners, integrators, facility managers and OEMs to innovate and exchange custom applications and integrations.  As a result, new solutions emerge to enrich your building management platform. Buildings powered by Desigo CC can easily connect to any smart device or cloud application.


Register today for the Desigo CC Ecosystem to get access to the community.

Desigo CC Ecosystem
Featured applications
Learn more about key solutions to enhance smart building performance. Interested in integrating your solution with Desigo CC? Become part of the expanding Desigo CC Ecosystem and let your customers enjoy integration with one of the most powerful building management system software platforms available. Contact us today to get integrated.

Automate building system changes with integrated occupancy analytics

InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd's (Irisys™) True Occupancy solution delivers real-time occupancy and space-utilization data, giving users a complete and accurate view of building usage.


Utilizing occupancy information helps building managers optimize systems by adjusting temperatures and lights for energy savings, locking or unlocking doors for security purposes, and providing true space utilization for informed decision-making.


Integrating the Irisys solution into Desigo CC lets systems automatically respond to occupancy information and adjust system usage.


To get more info about the True Occupancy platform and connecting Irisys with Desigo CC, visit the Irisys True Occupancy webpage.

Eliminate interface issues with a powerful software gateway

Many suppliers have their own complex instruments and interfaces to the OPC UA open standard protocol. Interfacing to Desigo CC directly would require large amounts of engineering time, costs, and risks. The answer is to create a middle ground where customers can use the OPC UA protocol but enjoy the data and access to Desigo CC.


This extension moves data from Desigo CC to an OPC UA server, where customers' applications can easily access the information. The OPC UA  Server is a powerful software gateway on the Desigo CC platform that can be installed either where Desigo CC is installed or as a standalone application. Data is transmitted via NORIS in the northbound. The communications are secure using the existing protocols, and the existing infrastructure can be used.


Contact your Siemens representative about connecting.

Monitor elevators, escalators and moving walkways in real time to respond immediately to emergencies

Buildings have a variety of ways to move people and goods throughout, and Desigo CC Ecosystem partner Schindler Elevators has made it easy to monitor and control elevators, escalators, and moving walkways through Desigo CC. 


The extension module lets operators integrate Schindler Lobby Vision data into Desigo CC, bringing more visibility of each elevator to a graphical workstation. Users can monitor the status, location, and destination of elevators to ensure everything is operating properly. 


In cases of fire or emergencies, integration allows the whole system to respond accordingly. In cases of fire, Desigo CC can communicate with the elevators to return them to the ground floor and deactivate, disallowing passengers from using them. If an elevator gets stuck or has an emergency stop, notifications and alerts go to Desigo CC immediately for real-time response and quick resolution.


The Schindler module is part of Desigo CC and is available to link to Schindler Lobby Vision data. Contact your Siemens representative about connecting.

Linked system calendars help optimize HVAC scheduling, improving energy efficiency, reducing costs, and extending equipment life

HVAC scheduling is one of the best ways to save costs, yet many buildings traditionally set HVAC systems to avoid occupant complaints around the clock. Systems run late and over weekends to cover any potential occupancy levels. However, this model typically leads to significant loss of energy and money. And equipment lifespan is impacted due to over usage.


An interface to Desigo CC smart building management platform, Events2HVAC™, enables buildings with BACnet IP or older protocols to intelligently manage HVAC scheduling to building occupancy.


By integrating with Desigo CC, users have clear visibility of when and how rooms are being used and can leverage this data to modify HVAC schedules to maximum energy savings.

Wireless relays help cut installation and operating costs

Relay in a Box (RIB®) lets customers add relays to electrical devices to turn them on and off wirelessly, saving on installation and operation costs. For instance, instead of operating bathroom exhaust fans 24/7, a Major League Baseball park installed RIBs to turn fans off when not in use. The installation cost was 1/10th that of running wires, and turning off the fans when the park is vacant offers permanent energy savings.


For more information, visit the Relay in a Box website.

Exporter tool lets operators utilize data more freely

Export data out of Desigo CC’s database easily with the all new HDB2SQL Exporter. This extension tool lets users easily move data to an open SQL database for direct and easier access to all point data. From there, users can create custom reports for trend an alarm data.

Shooter Detection System triggers Desigo CC actions and notifications to save lives

The Guardian Indoor Shooter Detection System (SDS) is a hardware module solution that can instantly and accurately detect a genuine gunshot using known audible and visual characteristics. 


The system then sends the signal to Desigo CC that gunfire has been detected. From there, Desigo CC can automatically carry out tasks, such as sounding alarms, sending text and email notifications, locking/unlocking doors, and more. These quick actions save precious time and lives in critical scenarios by removing human intervention, avoiding errors and delays.


Get more information at the Shooter Detection Systems website.

BuildingFit extension connects Desigo CC to powerful cost-saving analytics

BuildingFit software is a fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) platform that provides building managers with analytics that identify opportunities to make buildings more energy efficient, reliable, comfortable, and safe.


BuildingFit accesses data from all the devices connected to Desigo CC and applies complex rules and KPIs to look for faults. These faults are areas where the building is not operating optimally but might not be evident through Desigo CC alone. For example, if a room’s temperature is ideal, but the hot and cold valves are both open at 90%, then BuildingFit will recognize this conflict as a fault and report it to the user as inefficient. The extension only allows data flow from Desigo CC to Building fit, so there is no information sent back to Desigo CC for notifications.


Get more information at the BuildingFit website.

Monitor and manage vehicle charging station operations

Deployment of electric vehicle charging stations will grow exponentially over the next decade as the U.S. electric vehicle market expands from 1.8 million battery-powered cars today to 35 million by 2030.  The U.S. government includes funding in the American Jobs Plan to deploy a national network of 500,000 charging stations.


Siemens VersiCharge AC chargers integrate via Modbus with the Desigo CC building management software platform for seamless smart building integration. Through Desigo CC, operators have centralized monitoring and control of their entire charging infrastructure. 

No building is too small with Desigo CC Compact

Optimize building management for small- to medium-sized projects

Building management can be simple and optimal at the same time with Desigo CC Compact. Easily increase comfort, productivity and energy efficiency in small- to medium-sized facilities and leverage unique Desigo CC features when needed.  Desigo CC Compact allows you to easily connect, monitor, and operate your facility and can run on an embedded PC.

One platform, various people, countless advantages

Discover the unique benefits of using Desigo CC

Desigo CC helps you master a broad variety of challenges in the management of high-performing buildings.

Increase property value and protect your investments

With Desigo CC, integrate all building systems – from heating, ventilation and air conditioning to fire safety and security, power, lighting and shading. This interdisciplinary approach enables you to monitor the status of different systems in real-time, exploit synergies, reduce costs and training efforts. Desigo CC also supports future growth and changes in the buildings. 


Desigo CC provides the full breadth of application support to ensure that all facilities remain comfortable, productive, and achieve optimal energy and equipment performance. Additionally, it helps to reduce your carbon footprint and offers advanced functionalities to monitor and report CO₂ emissions or performance of energy consumption related to covered space to achieve certifications like LEED thus increasing your building’s value thanks to a green and sustainable image.

Easily adapt buildings to future needs

Desigo CC is continuously innovated and can easily be adapted to the requirements of building operators, facility managers or occupants. With the latest technologies, user-friendly interfaces, trendsetting features, and regular cybersecurity updates, it is always ready for future challenges. Easily add new systems to the building management platform as needed after initial system installation. 


The presence of IoT devices and cloud connectivity is constantly growing in today’s market. Thanks to Desigo CC’s openness and the Desigo CC Ecosystem, new technologies are easily implemented, and buildings powered by Desigo CC can easily connect to any smart device or cloud application.

Reducing building operational costs

Desigo CC provides a harmonized workflow across disciplines and products, even from third parties. With a homogeneous integration of all disciplines, it is possible to increase efficiency and lower costs for training, maintenance of system updates, etc. In addition, daily operations like checking an alarm becomes simpler with Desigo CC. If an alarm is triggered by one discipline like fire, easily access other disciplines like security with one click on a live feed of the relevant room.


Additionally, multiple client options, user groups and profiles, built-in profiles for building automation, fire safety and security, helps to allocate tasks to the right people. For remote and distributed sites, central management with distributed configurations allows monitoring and commanding the system remotely and receiving remote notifications. With the intuitive cloud application “Event Hub,” control and react to alarms and events from multiple buildings that are connected to Desigo CC.

Enabling tenants to reduce energy costs

Desigo CC provides insights into electrical power distribution in buildings that help to optimize their operation. By integrating multiple disciplines and leveraging the flow of information and alarms from each discipline, you can optimize the performance of any building connected.  Configure a building to provide ideal comfort and efficiency, aided by many native integrations. For example, with the “Power Manager” and “Energy & Power Reports” features, obtain deeper insights regarding power quality and stability of energy systems. Desigo CC collects and transmits the trend series from metering devices and displays the data on dashboards. This creates transparency for tenants, who are interested in their building’s footprint and its contribution to their well-being. 


Finally, comprehensive advanced reporting options for topics like consumption, load profiles, maximum power, budget, costs, etc. makes relevant values visible to take the right actions.

Making buildings better – continuously

Desigo CC plays a critical role in creating healthy and self-adapting environments, ensuring high productivity of the people in it. Detailed graphics and assisted event treatment provide more profound insights and enable better decisions. Thanks to its highly optimized and user-centric interface, Desigo CC helps improve event management throughout the facility – and it can be done remotely with the Desigo CC Flex Client web interface.  Furthermore, monitor fire safety systems and video cameras through centralized controls, which allows you to intelligently respond to events. 


Desigo CC’s assisted event treatment procedures guide you safely through critical tasks step by step and can be configured to be mandatory or optional, depending on the user. With investigative event treatment, one single click lets you navigate through the system to visualize the logged event. A context-sensitive list of related items allows quick and easy access to all information related to any piece of equipment to address and solve issues.

Feel confident and react quickly and correctly

with Desigo CC you can have everything under control. For example, you can monitor and control unauthorized entries detected by the intrusion system, initiate lighting, and focus the camera on the location. Even if the alarm is triggered by outside conditions like a storm, the system sends a centralized command to the room systems, opening all blinds, and informs about window contact status.


Additionally, you can handle access control and combine with other disciplines like lighting and comfort. For instance, after successful authentication access to the room is granted, lights are activated, and HVAC systems are switched to occupied mode. The system also helps to react to temporary noxious emissions, such as from a helicopter landing or vehicles at a loading dock: outside air dampers will close in this case, stopping fresh air intake.


Desigo CC is designed to integrate different systems present in the building such as escalator systems, elevators and electrical vehicle charging stations. Thanks to a holistic integration, you can monitor and react to events with confidence.

Desigo CC Testimonial

Desigo CC and Dell Technologies collaborate to provide software and hardware for building edge solutions

See how Tom Rule, head of Digital Buildings Americas, and Lonnie Spears, Desigo CC portfolio manager, explain how Desigo CC's software capabilities help a building operate with great productivity and efficiency. With Dell Technologies providing the computing infrastructure necessary to network the devices and run Desigo CC software, the partnership satisfies the requirements of customer and the needs of occupants.


More about Desigo CC and Dell Technologies


Desigo CC in real-life facilities

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