Desigo DXR Room Automation Controllers

Experience the ultimate comfort for any room.

Desigo DXR controllers provide innovative HVAC room control. Out of the box, each DXR controller contains preloaded and configurable applications to support Variable Air Volume, Constant Volume, Fan Coil, Unit Vent, Heat Pump, Chilled Beam, and Dual Duct applications, as well as Total Room Automation (TRA). Experience all room settings under control with Total Room Automation: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shade control  can be easily managed for the perfect balance of energy efficiency, occupant comfort and productivty.  

Creating smart spaces

Reduce integration complexity with a single room controller

Desigo DXR Controllers

Compact, programmable automation station with increased functionality and flexibility to support the demands for standard control of terminal HVAC equipment and TRA applications. TRA offers the highest level of flexibility for energy-optimized solutions without sacrificing comfort.

  • BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP communication
  • BTL Listed as BACnet Advanced Application Controller
  • Dual ethernet ports
  • Fully programmable using block programming to meet unique sequences of operation
  • Pre-configured applications for Fan Coil Units, Chilled Beams and Heat Pumps
  • Title 24 Compliant

Desigo Actuating DXR Controllers

Combination room automation station and actuator for buildings with increased demands placed on functionality and flexibility in TRA applications, VAV, dual duct and fan-powered box applications.

  • BACnet MS/TP communication
  • BTL Certified
  • KNX PL-Link bus to connect sensors, actuators and operator units
  • USB interface

Total Room Automation maximizes performance and energy savings with integrated room control. 

The Desigo DXR controller has pre-configured room control settings to meet a variety of needs for the perfect interplay of HVAC, lighting and shading.

Improve efficiency and lower costs with a highly flexible controller that supports: 

  • Room functions for HVAC: Fan coil, unit vent, VAV, CV, heat pump, chilled beam and dual duct
  • Room functions for lighting: Manual control, occupancy/vacancy control, daylight harvesting, constant brightness control
  • Room functions for shading: Manual control, glare protection or solar tracking, shadow tracking
  • Room coordination functions: Presence detection, scene control, Green Leaf, etc.
  • Central functions for all disciplines: Supply chain coordination (e.g., duct pressure reset), etc.
Case study:

Bangor Savings Bank achieves greater productivity, comfort and energy savings with Total Room Automation

I really like how easy the system is to use – having one system control all aspects of our building HVAC, lighting, shades, as well as monitor energy usage and equipment operation. It really gives us the tools we need to operate the building optimally. 
-Jason Donovan — SVP, Bangor Savings Bank
Case Study

Saving the planet, one bottle of vodka at a time

Marble Distilling Co. is on a mission in to become the most sustainable, zero waste distillery on the planet by saving energy and maximizing comfort. Learn more about how they use Desigo DXR controllers to maximize resource efficiency. 

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