Desigo Room Unit Sensors

Rely on room units and sensors that enhance occupant comfort and productivity while optimizing system efficiency. 

Desigo offers a broad range of room units and sensors that enable your HVAC control system to deliver cost savings exceeding 20%. Options vary from basic temperature sensors to advanced multi-function devices that combine temperature, humidity  and CO2 measurement into a single unit. Room units include a stylish display with patented Greenleaf functionality that actively engages occupants in energy conservation efforts.  

Choose from a variety of configurations

QMX Series Room Units and Sensors

Choose the right room unit  or sensor to meet your temperature, humidity, and/or air quality measurement needs.

  • Room units with Total Room Automation capability feature a display and configurable touch keys to add light and shade control, which enables room occupants to interact with the HVAC system to effectively manage comfort. 
  • Room units with a display only allow occupants to interact with the HVAC system to effectively balance efficiency and comfort.
  • No display, sensor-only units are  ideal for use in public spaces where occupant interaction needs to be limited. 

PL-Link  Sensors

PL-Link sensors are semi-flush mount and include the same capabilities of the QMX series sensors in a very low-profile design that blends into any decor.

One-touch return to optimized energy efficient settings

Green Leaf symbolizes optimized room climate

Save up to 25% in energy usage involving room occupants.  The RoomOptiControl is an innovative energy-efficiency feature that detects unnecessary energy consumption and alerts users by changing the color of the Green Leaf symbol on the room operator unit from green to red. To reset the room unit to energy-efficient operation without loss of comfort, the user simply touches the symbol. The Green Leaf symbol returns to green. 

Maximize performance and energy savings with Total Room Automation

Intelligent comfort for any room

Desigo Total Room Automation ensures a comfortable room climate, good air quality and optimal lighting conditions with as little energy consumption as possible. This is achieved by linking all disciplines within a room and ensures the perfect interplay between heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading.

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