Distributed Power Control

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Install power control closer to lights and shades

Siemens offers a family of junction box mount devices to put power controls closer to the lights and shades reducing installation, labor and material costs. These products can be an integral part of the Siemens Total Room Automation (TRA) system by connecting to the HVAC controller in each room to eliminate a separate lighting control network.


Junction box devices feature 1, 2, or 3 relays inside that switch lighting or plug loads. Applications include residential, commercial, education, and government buildings.



  • JB512C23 rated at 20 amps for 120-277 volt applications 
  • JB510C23 features two relays rated at 10 amps for 120-277 volt applications
  • JB513C23 features three relays rated at 6 amps for 120-277 volt applications

The solar protection actuator is a KNX device with one or two relay output channels. Each channel controls one 120V AC drive (motor) with electromechanical limit switches or with integrated electronics for disconnection at the limit positions.



  • Each output channel is rated at 6 amps
  • Automatic positioning based on time of travel
  • Integrates with weather station controller to operate blinds, shutters, and awnings


The JB525C23 Universal Dimmer is a KNX device with one 120-watt dimmer output. It offers integral overload/short circuit and over-temp protection.



Switches and dims the following:

  • Resistive loads (incandescent lamps, high voltage halogen lamps) 
  • Capacitive loads (low voltage halogen lamps with intermediate electronic transformers) 
  • Inductive loads (low voltage halogen lamps with intermediate conventional transformers)


Field mount 20-amp Relay with 0-10VDC dimming to control lights in all applications.



  • Junction box mount for distributed controls, no central cabinet. Wires like a standard wall switch.
  • Connects to KNX Free-Topology bus (#20 Twisted pair), along with Wall Switch, Occupancy Sensor and Shade Controller in the space
  • 20 amp rated relay up to 347 VAC (Canada). UL/ULc Listed
  • 0-10VDC Lighting Controls meets NEMA standard


Convert any binary signal to KNX command for flexible control of multiple applications.



  • Four binary inputs rated 12 to 230-volt AC/DC. UL/ULc Listed
  • 18 Command types plus 2 channel paired commands.
  • Works for remote LV switches, position indicators, pulse counting, etc.
  • Junction box mount for distributed bus input.


The JB125C33 power supply unit provides the system power necessary for KNX. The JB mount unit is rated for 160 mA on the KNX bus. Operates on 120/277 VAC.


 Power Supply (5WG1125-4CB33)

  • Integral choke for KNX bus
  • Mounts in or on a 4” x 4” junction box
  • KNX certified
  • Two devices of the same type can be connected directly in parallel to double the current available for a line.

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