Gateways and Controllers

Product photo of GAMMA integration gateway

Controls for a complete lighting, shade, and automation system

The Gamma line includes gateways, controllers, and infrastructure devices for a complete lighting, shade, and automation system. Power supply units provide the system power necessary for KNX and are offered in three different ratings.


Power supply units provide the system power necessary for KNX. They are offered in three different ratings – 160MA, 320MA, 640MA – to meet your system power requirements. The DIN rail mount units can supply DC 24 V power from an additional pair of terminals (yellow/white).


Power Supplies (5WG11251AB02, 5WG11251AB12, 5WG11251AB22)

  • Integral choke for KNX bus
  • KNX certified
  • Two devices of the same type can be connected directly in parallel to double the current available for a line.


The device serves as an interface between KNX and BACnet/IP. The KNX communication objects are translated as BACnet objects to communicate with the BACnet world.



  • The power supply unit has a voltage and current regulation, thus is short-circuit proof. Device provides up to 250 communication objects.
  • Access point for KNX programming.
  • The device is configured entirely with ETS.
  • The configuration of the KNX communication objects automatically generates the corresponding BACnet objects.
  • Easy commissioning.


The IP Control Center N 152 is a web server for operating and observing KNX systems. Installers can create customized web pages to fit their project’s needs. Accessible from any computer including laptops, iPads, and iPhones.



  • Standard web browser displays the operating pages.
  • A graphics web editor projects a fully graphic view with control and display elements in various styles.
  • Defines the data types for the 250 available KNX communications objects; an additional 1000 group addresses can be linked with the visualization components.
  • Smart editor allows the intuitive setup of simple visualizations for smart phones with mobile browser or room control units.

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