Output Power Devices

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A variety of outputs handle numerous applications

Siemens offers a range of UL and ULc listed output power devices including relays, dimmers, and 0-10 VDC dimming. Each output can be assigned various tasks, i.e., delayed, normal open, normal closed, etc., depending on the application setup.


The N 512 relay module features eight full-load, state-stable relays for switching lighting and other loads. 



  • On/off/delay modes available
  • Initial value of relay can be set for bus recovery
  • Operation mode of the relay: NO/NC 
  • Operation mode Normal or time switch
  • Default setting in case of bus voltage failure

Siemens offers relay modules with Load Check. The master and secondary feature up to 15 relays for switching lighting and other loads with current measuring and monitoring (load check). 



  • Load check
  • Can be extended simply from a 3-fold to a 6-, 9-, 12- or 15-fold switching actuator
  • Push-button override


The switching/dimming actuator switches lights on/off and dims with 0-10V control.



  • Eight relay outputs
  • Eight 0-10V controls
  • Different functions can be configured per channel


The Universal Dimmer is a KNX device with two dimmer outputs used for switching or dimming different types of dimmable lamps. 



  • 2-channel applications with two independently controlled outputs
  • 1-channel application only uses one output A or B with higher load
  • Protection against short-circuit and temperature overload

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