Building Operator

Cloud application for remote monitoring and control of your buildings.
New opportunities to digitize your service business

Add a new service to better meet customer needs

Building Operator is a secure Cloud application which provides remote monitoring and control of any BACnet enabled buildings and equipment. Service providers can resolve issues before their customers reach out.

Building Operator is a SaaS solution that provides real-time building status and operational updates. It’s simple to set up and use with one interface, providing secure access to all your BACnet or Modbus based building automation and equipment controls.

Keeping employees safe through remote building connectivity

The capability to remotely monitor and maintain buildings reduces exposure risks for service employees, and provides facility managers operational visibility and control in order to adjust HVAC equipment performance based on occupancy or environmental conditions. 

Highlights at a glance

Three steps to connect sites or equipment

Digitizing your service business is made easy with Building Operator and the Connect X300 gateway.

Connect X300

The Connect X300 provides secure remote access to your sites. Cybersecurity concerns are mitigated with built in firewall and advanced encryption.


The Connect X300 offers multi-protocol support and easy commissioning. It avoids setting up complicated VPN’s and does not require intrusive IT infrastructure changes. 

Unique functionalities

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Get started with a trial* of Building Operator and connect your buildings to the Cloud for secure access, remote resolution capabilities, and a simple view of all your connected sites. (*Connect X300 gateway purchase is required).