Desigo CC - The Fully Integrated Building Management Platform

We developed our open building management platform to create comfortable, safe and efficient facilities. Desigo CC covers your needs, from simple single-discipline systems to fully integrated buildings. Easy to engineer and operate, state of the art in technology and functionality, Desigo CC sets industry standards. It's modular and flexible, to grow with building management requirements of any facility. It minimizes project commissioning and system downtimes. And it has a unique, user interface that allows operators to take a deeper look at the most relevant information. 

Connecting Building Systems

  • Open and proprietary protocols
  • Multi-discipline application support

Open Information Access

  • Pull in external data for internal applications
  • Push out data for external applications

Open Application Development

  • Plug in custom apps built by Siemens
  • Use custom apps built by platform vendors or yourself

Key Benefits

Features That Meet Your Needs

Desigo CC Always Meets Your System Requirements

With Desigo CC, you’ll have one system to install, program, control, and maintain. Its open architecture meets your needs today and adapts easily to building changes or additional applications tomorrow. Advanced interaction between different subsystems – from HVAC and lighting to power, fire safety, and security – improves safety and occupant comfort. At the same time, you’ll be able to enhance efficiency and optimize building operations.

  • Continuous operation for optimum comfort and energy usage
  • Coordination of elements to create and monitor healthy room environments
  • Simple, immediate system integration thanks to open design
  • Extensive data analysis improves performance
  • Integrated with shading to create advanced lighting control
  • Optimal levels ensure occupant comfort
  • Minimizing artificial lighting increases energy efficiency
  • Turns data into concrete actions to save energy costs
  • Balance energy consumption while ensuring occupant comfort
  • Manage power generation, storage, distribution, and consumption
  • Manage maintenance cycles
  • Set alarms for specific events
  • Maximum safety and protection of people and assets
  • Ideal, regardless of application size and complexity
  • Easy and intuitive to operate
  • State-of-the-art applications such as alarm handling
  • Increased security from combining workflows in access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance
  • Improved operational safety and lower training costs
  • Flexible, scalable platform
  • Supports variety of communication protocols and IT standards

Desigo CC Compact for Small to Medium-Sized Projects 

This compact building management platform has been developed to increase comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency in small to medium-sized facilities. It includes the unique breakthrough features of Desigo CC, can be extended when needed, and proves that building management can be simple and optimal at the same time. Desigo CC Compact allows you to easily connect, monitor, and operate your facility. It can also fun on an embedded PC.

Desigo CC Compact Delivers Benefits to Smaller Buildings

Desigo CC Ecosystem Connects People, Buildings, and Applications

The world is becoming increasingly connected and digitalized, and technology is evolving faster than ever before. Supported by the most innovative and creative minds, the Desigo CC Ecosystem enriches your open building management platform with a steady flow of innovations.

Service and Quick Reference Guides

The Siemens Field Support team provides full technical support. Our Quick Reference Guides include more detailed product information and related links.