Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in buildings is the quickest, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to extend energy supplies and manage your energy use.

Energy Efficiency: economic performance

Energy Efficiency: balancing comfort, building performance and sustainability

Buildings represent 40 percent of primary energy use globally, and energy consumption in buildings is projected to rise sustainably. At the same time increasing resource scarcity, legal risks, and growing operating costs as well as different requirements from different users, are just some of the challenges that need to be taken into consideration when thinking about energy efficiency and sustainable buildings.

With systematic approaches adapted to the lifecycle of your building supported by services, products, and technologies, we help turn your building into a perfect place that is energy efficient without compromising on comfort or tenant satisfaction. You will benefit from improved OPEX efficiency that frees up funds for investments in smart building infrastructure while providing greater resiliency through on-site energy generation and storage. This translates into a higher building value and a positive public image – because a perfect place is always a sustainable place.

Bull Valley Golf Club
Case Study

Creating a safer, fun experience at Bull Valley Golf Club with the Climatix RTU Solution

Bull Valley Golf Club faced a primitive HVAC system in great need of efficiency improvements. Not only did the Climatix RTU Solution increase efficiency of the system and quality of air, it also reduced energy costs.

Energy efficiency optimization

Building energy efficiency optimization that pays off

You get most out of energy efficiency optimization, if you choose a holistic point of view. This idea lies at the core of our offering – and makes energy efficiency scalable. Of course, the more comprehensive the approach, the more savings can be realized. 

Saving the planet, one bottle of vodka at a time

Marble Distilling Co. is on a mission in to become the most sustainable, zero waste distillery on the planet by saving energy and maximizing comfort.

Building automation

Energy-efficient building automation

Our building automation and control systems are based on open communication standards and fulfill highest standards in energy efficiency. The systems are designed to be combined with each other, so each solution is a perfect match that minimizes installation and operating costs while providing high levels of security and failure protection.


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