Siemens Smart Building Commissioning Program

Siemens Commissioning Advantage Program

The Smart Building Commissioning Program (SBCx) is a comprehensive building performance energy and energy optimization program designed to improve our client’s facility operation.

What is SBCx?

A systematic process to building commissioning

Smart Building Commissioning, a Siemens approach to Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx), enables optimization of building systems and equipment to enhance performance and efficiencies. In fact, SBCx projects are capable of producing energy savings between 10 and 20%, and typically pay for themselves in about two years. Today, we recognize that all building systems and components can generate and process massive amounts of data; but data is only useful if it’s transformed into action. What makes SBCx especially cost effective is its ability to harness facility data to drive the commissioning process.

A data-driven approach to the beginning your commissioning project:

  • Remote/On-site Data Analysis
  • Identification of CFRs
  • Development of the commissioning plan
  • Initial walk-trough of building
  • Identification of commissioning corrective actions (CCAs) and hypothetical commissioning conservation measures (CCMs)

The analysis phase of the project including:

  • Analyses of vetted CCMs
  • Identification of Facility Improvement Measures (FIMs) that may require future CAPEX funding for implementation

The change phase of the project including:

  • Implementation of vetted CCAs and CCMs
  • Verifying performance improvement

The project signoff and training phase of the project including:

  • Customer review of deliverables
  • Training of stakeholders
  • Development of lessons learned

The persistence phase of the project including:

  • Performance monitoring (local or remote)
  • Protocol for identifying and repairing CCMs that “drift” out of spec
  • Process for continuing to look for further improvements to the building

Benefits of Smart Building Commissioning

We know building systems inside and out, and our solution is an additional protective layer in our commitment to driving your buildings highest performance today and well into the future. Below are the benefits that can be achieve through the Siemens SBCx program.

Vertical Market Advantages

See how Siemens Smart Building Commissioning can help your vertical market, and the impact of SBCx on various markets.

Take a holistic approach to your energy management strategy

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