Dynamic VAV Optimization

Optimize your indoor environment and lower your operating costs using the Dynamic VAV Optimization (DVO) software solution. DVO applies artificial intelligence (AI) to control AHU fan speed, supply temperature and humidity based on your priorities.

What is Dynamic VAV Optimization?

AI-powered DVO intelligently optimizes AHUs

Dynamic VAV Optimization applies AI to intelligently optimize AHU static pressure and supply air temperature setpoints, a challenge for traditional systems. DVO bases its decisions on temperature and humidity data collected from existing sensors throughout the building. Its AI-powered algorithm then determines heating and cooling requirements and sends setpoints to your HVAC system that cost-effectively and sustainably ensure better occupant comfort. Machine learning strategies and ongoing data analysis make it possible to dynamically optimize AHU performance and control 24/7.

Modern HVAC systems present a deceptively complex optimization problem that exceeds the capabilities of traditional building controls. True optimization requires that your system:

  • Anticipates upcoming changes based on schedules and weather forecasts. Traditional controls can only react after an issue occurs.
  • Solves non-linear problems. For example, raising an AHU discharge temperature setpoint will reduce energy usage in some instances and increase it in others.
  • Be fault tolerant, so that a small number of failed devices or sensors do not derail the optimization system. Traditional controls struggle with fault tolerance, allowing a single failed device to drive system behavior.
  • Adapt to changing priorities without extensive reprogramming. With traditional systems, programming changes must be made on-site if different outcomes are needed.

Our AI-powered strategy generates benefits across the board. DVO:

  • Uses machine learning to dynamically adapt the HVAC system to occupant comfort requirements with the lowest operating cost.
  • Easily switches between operating modes depending on priorities selected by building operators. This includes modes designed based on the recommendations of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force to minimize virus transmission.
  • Minimizes operating costs and energy consumption. HVAC savings average 25% in facilities without existing reset strategies and 10% with reset already in place.
  • Reduces the number of hot/cold calls.
  • Identifies improperly functioning equipment.

DVO can be applied with minimal operator training and a secure VPN connection. It’s best suited for facilities with the following characteristics:

  • Non-critical environments, such as commercial office and educational buildings
  • Fully digital and BACnet building management system
  • Temperature control challenges
  • High energy costs
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Case Study

1111 Broadway (Oakland, CA)

DVO is helping owners and managers meet their HVAC goals in facilities across the country. Situated in Oakland City Center in Oakland CA, 1111 Broadway was an early DVO site and benefited from its ability to reduce the need for technicians and programmers to analyze code in order to achieve energy efficiency goals. DVO constantly determines the right strategy for static pressure and supply air temperate so it can make changes in real time and maintain a healthier, more efficient environment at one of Oakland's most well-known buildings.

An intelligent approach to healthier indoor environments

Meeting new ASHRAE standards

DVO helps reopen buildings with confidence by meeting the latest standards from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force was established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. DVO’s AI and machine learning algorithms make it easy to implement the new Epidemic Mode, which could be time consuming and difficult to put in place manually.

Creating safe learning environments

A properly controlled HVAC system is a key priority in reopening K12 schools. DVO makes it easier to implement ASHRAE’s comprehensive guidance for Building Readiness and the new Epidemic Mode. DVO also simplifies the recommended modifications to HVAC control sequences and ventilation and filtration standards.

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Energy Manager feature story — Dynamic VAV Optimization, machine learning and AI: Advances in building control

Read coverage from Energy Manager magazine on the use of AI-powered DVO. Learn how this new frontier of building control incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence to make our buildings smarter, safer and more sustainable.


Applying AI to Commercial HVAC Systems

HVAC systems consume between 20% and 50% of total building energy. They are also a major focus of safe building environments today. Learn more about how DVO uses dynamic flexibility to improve efficiency, reduce costs and make building environments safer.

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