Marble Distilling Co. achieves zero waste distinction

Marble Distilling Co. is on a mission to become the most sustainable, zero waste distillery on the planet. They're getting there ... with help from Siemens and Solutions Partner, Holbrook Service.
Marble Distillery Case Study Series

Follow Marble Distillery's journey to zero-waste operations

Marble Distilling Co. is on a mission to become the most sustainable, zero waste distilling operation in the world — and Siemens is by their side with innovative technologies that help make their vision a reality. Be sure to read both our case studies.
Case Study

Marble Distillery and The Distillery Inn

Connie Baker and Carey Shanks, Founders of Marble Distilling Co. toured dozens of distilleries for a first-hand look at how distilling businesses operate. They soon realized something that would change the course of their own business: “So much waste. Wasted water. Wasted energy,” says Shanks, whose background in sustainability made this observation particularly acute. “We saw our true differentiation,” he notes. And so, Marble Distilling began working on their vision: to become the most sustainable, Zero Waste distillery on the planet.

Turning vision into reality

Holbrook Service consulted with the Marble Distilling team to understand their sustainability goals.  “Their primary goal is to recover and reuse heat generated through their processes and to conserve as much water and energy as possible” explains David Carpenter, Controls Engineer for Holbrook Service.


In addition to maximizing the resource efficiency of the distilling process, maximizing the team’s efficiency was also important to Marble’s operation: “If you’re running around controlling the stills, condensers, and fermenters and manually turning on the valves, you would need a larger team to run the production process.” 


The same holds true for staff being able to control individual guest rooms remotely to save energy.  Guests are thrilled with the ability to control their environments too.  When they walk in the door, they can push a button on the panel and change the room’s temperature, control the fireplace, open the shades – all of it.

How Siemens helped Marble Distillery reach their goals

Customer Goal
Siemens Solution
Reduce the number of manual processes to achieve greater energy and resource efficiency.
Siemens valves and actuators were installed to automate and better control the distilling process.

Gain better control of comfort for guest suites; overcome

high-temperature room patterns and outdated temperature controls.

Desigo Control Point touch panels installed in each suite provides guests control over their comfort.  DXR controllers enable room automation.
Run distilling processes overnight without having someone physically onsite to monitor it.
Remote services enabled by Desigo Control Point reduce the need for onsite labor.

Creating the most sustainable distillery on the planet

Marble Distilling’s founder, Carey Shanks calls the data they now have a game changer: “It’s a key component to understand and monetize the value we’ve gained from these improvements.  We can see the carbon footprint, our energy and utility cost savings, operations and maintenance improvements.  With the systems we have implemented with Siemens and Holbrook, we can clearly demonstrate what we’re doing to conserve resources, and we can show the financial benefits."

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